SMARTY Trend head device overview for Volkswagen Passat B7.

SMARTY Trend head device overview for Volkswagen Passat B7.

Undoubtedly, from the Volkswagen cars are well respected, not only in our country but around the world. But the desire to improve your car make you think about how best to do this. I want to show you a clear example, has a plant for Volkswagen Passat B7 car. What changes are we talking about? What new features are available? Let's look at everything in order.



Design change:

The appearance of the central panel has changed, now the central panel looks not only in a new way, but now you have the opportunity to view your favorite video materials on an 8-inch multi-touch screen.


Good screen resolution HD 1024x600 px, provides a good quality image. Watch any video materials from a flash drive or from hard drives. This feature is very convenient during long journeys.


The fast speed of the head unit is provided by the Android 8.1.0 Oreo processor with the ability to upgrade to Android 9.0 P. The number of cores is increased to 8, which provides you with a stable high speed.


Very often, when you travel long distances you may be faced with the problem of unstable GPS system, especially where the quality of the Internet is poor. Now this problem is in the past! Thanks to the navigation module from Smarty Trend, determining your location doesn’t depend on the Internet. Just install an application that works off-line, your coordinates will be transmitted via satellite, which doesn’t depend on Internet coverage!


One of the strongest advantages of Android systems is the versatility of the system. Huge personal settings will not leave indifferent absolutely anyone who has ever encountered this operating system. Don’t forget about the possibility of installing dozens of apps that are available in the Google Play Market.

Sound quality:

Excellent sound quality is made possible thanks to the Hi-Fi processor, which provides a clean and comfortable sound. That's not enough? Want to customize to your liking? This is possible thanks to the 12-band equalizer, the Loud function (gain effects), a separate subwoofer adjustment. Create and save your presset for a particular style of music.

Today, there are many ways to improve or even change your car beyond recognition. Quite a lot of car enthusiasts who wants to improve their cars are faced with a number of questions that can’t always be answer. Ask for help from professionals! Company Smarty Trend will provide for you all necessary information that is associated with the selection, operation and installation of the head unit. Our company car radio develops with you. Your comfort, opinion and safety is our top priority. Indeed, as the great philosopher Nietzsche said, "there is no limit to perfection."

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