SMARTY Trend head device overview for Nissan Pathfinder.

SMARTY Trend head device overview for Nissan Pathfinder.

Today, the Nissan Pathfinder is an excellent representative of its class, but the lack of functionality, the desire to improve your car, makes you think about where to start? Yes, of course there are various options for a complete set, but the cost from official representatives is often unreasonably high. There are many options that you can use to improve your favorite car! We offer you an example of the installation of the head unit Nissan Pathfinder. Let's get acquainted with the new functionality of the company SMARTY Trend, which have become available in this car! 


In our time, the presence of a navigation system is one of the most important attributes of a modern car. SMARTY Trend receivers give you the opportunity to select and install the most popular navigation systems available today. Determining the location of the car using a satellite, provides excellent navigation system regardless of weather conditions.


Safety driving has always been a priority for car owners. At the same time, there are often situations that it is necessary to answer the phone while driving. Stopping your car and at the same time being late is not the best situation. This function has long been familiar to motorists from SMARTY Trend's recorder as well. Outgoing and incoming calls, sending messages using your voice.

Steering wheelbuttons:

Many car owners are interested in the question of the integration of the head unit with the car. Support for the regular functions of the desire of every car owner. Receivers SMARTY Trend give you the opportunity to use not only the buttons on the steering wheel, but also the regular functions of your car.


Work with any video format allows you to create your own media library. Very handy feature especially for long family travels. Media support to 1 TB. Also work online to view and search for the necessary information on the Internet.

Android apps:

This operating system has a phenomenal functional platform. This gives you the opportunity to install dozens of applications, customize the operating system to suit your preferences, a powerful processor that provides high performance head unit makes the radio from the company SMARTY Trend the market leader in Europe.

Today, in this Nissan Pathfinder, not only visual improvements in the passenger compartment are noticeable, but also a significant update of the functionality that is now available at any convenient time. These benefits are only a small part of what has become available. An individual approach to each client, a European brand, quality of service makes the recorder from the company SMARTY Trend a leader in the market of Europe.

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