SMARTY Trend head device overview for Mercedes Vito.

SMARTY Trend head device overview for Mercedes Vito.

We woud like present to your attention an example of installing a standard SMARTY Trend head unit in Tesla style for a Mercedes Vito 2017. Car maintenance and improvements for many car owners is a priority. Unfortunately, the standard equipment doesnt meet the modern requirements of car owners and often leaves much to be desired. Ask for help from professionals. Company SMARTY Trend help you with the selection and installation of your device. Tesla style head units are a new trend. We offer you to get acquainted in more detail with the new functionality and changes to the interior of the car.

Multi-touch screen:

One of the main advantages of this device is a capacitive, multi-touch screen measuring 12.1 inches. Resolution 1280 * 800 Full touch. High-quality components provide excellent viewing angles and image quality. The European quality control of the tape recorder of the company SMARTY Trend ensures the excellent quality of these devices. TouchScreen is very responsive, as for explantation, this screen is not inferior to the screens of modern smartphones.

Established factory functions:

Many car owners are interested in the issue of synchronization and support for regular functions of the car. This question also concerns the support buttons on the steering wheel. Devices of SMARTY Trend provide support for all regular functions and stable operation of the buttons on the steering wheel. The control of the air conditioner is carried out with the help of buttons, which are now installed at the bottom, in the kit was an additional frame for this. Previously, temperature data was displayed on an additional monochrome screen, now information is displayed on the main screen of the device, which is an advantage.


An integral feature for any car is the presence of a navigation system. Thanks to SMARTY Trend devices, you have the opportunity to install several applications, and choose for yourself exactly the one that suits you. All navigation systems operate via satellite communications, which ensures stable operation of the system regardless of the quality of the Internet and your location. Displaying all the information on the main screen of the head unit provides ease of working with any applications.

Multimedia and Internet:

The standard SMARTY Trend head unit in Tesla style works with absolutely any flash drive with a capacity of up to 1TB, so you have the opportunity to create and view a huge number of media at any time convenient for you, regardless of the Internet connection. It is very convenient and comfortable to work and perform a search on the radio in the Tesla style. Choose the browser that is right for you to create an Internet connection, you can use your mobile phone as an access point, or install a 3G / 4G adapter. Watching videos, searching for information on the Internet on a 12.1-inch multi-touch screen is very convenient and is one of the advantages of this device.

The changes affected not only the functionality, but also the appearance of the car. Adding a huge amount of functionality that surpasses cars, even with the maximum configuration, excellent quality devices SMARTY Trend is the best choice to improve your car. Devices in the style of Tesla is a new modern direction, the company SMARTY Trend will be happy to help you in choosing the radio for your car.

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