SMARTY Trend head unit overview for  Subaru Forester.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Subaru Forester.

Deservedly popular car Subaru Forester, excellent driving characteristics, quality, value for money. These advantages have given this car a special place in the market of modern cars. Every car enthusiast is always looking for an opportunity to improve his car. Unfortunately, the cost of cars in the maximum configuration makes many think about the rationality of such a purchase. Company SMARTY Trend will not only provide you with all the necessary information on your car, but also selects the head unit, which will be compatible with your car. Let's look in more detail, some new features that have become available after replacing the head unit!


For many car owners, sound quality is a priority, often changing the standard system to improve sound quality. SMARTY Trend head units provide excellent sound quality, all thanks to the Hi-Fi processor. Also available is a regular 12-band equalizer for maximum frequency tuning. Thus, you can customize with all your preferences, the regular equalizer is very easy to use, create your own presets, for every style of music.


A huge disadvantage of standard systems is the lack of a high-quality navigation system, given the cost of such a complete set, it should work without any problems. Company SMARTY Trend is pleased to inform you that thanks to the Android operating system, you can install for yourself exactly the navigation system that is right for you. Determining your location is done via satellite, so the quality of the navigation system doesnt depend on your location!

Factory regular functions:

SMARTY Trend head units support vehicle standard functions such as Parking Asysst (parking assistance system), a standard rear-view camera, a standard amplifier and a subwoofer will continue to work. It should also be noted that the steering buttons will also work. As you can see, these head units not only significantly add functionality, but also support your regular car functions!

The functions described above are only a small part of the opportunities that will be available for your car. Support for standard features, steering buttons, excellent build quality and materials used are all SMARTY Trend head unit. First of all, we want to note the visual change in the Subaru Forester, now this car is not inferior to the cars of the last year of release, not only due to visual changes, but also to its functionality! If you are interested in the ideal ratio of price and quality, please contact the professionals. The company SMARTY Trend is always happy to help in choosing the device for your car!

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