SMARTY Trend head device overview for Hyundai Sonata.

SMARTY Trend head device overview for Hyundai Sonata.

Car Hyundai Sonata occupies a special place among the representatives of its class. It is popular with those people who prefer reliability and quality, it has its own particular style, which many people like so much. Great for the city, it showed itself well on our roads. There are many different configurations of this car, but this car does not belong to the category of budget, which can be a problem if you have a desire to tune this car or add functionality. Of course, you can always buy a car in a high configuration, but the cost is unreasonably high, and the possibilities themselves leave much to be desired. What to do in a similar situation? Ask to the professionals! The company SMARTY Trend will help you in choosing a head unit that will not only fit your car, but will also support all of its regular functions! We suggest you get acquainted with several of them.

Media Features:

SMARTY Trend head units support any video and audio format. It is necessary to note the support of flash cards with a capacity of up to 1 TB. This way you can create your personal media library with your favorite audio and video files. The best solution for you would be to purchase a removable hard drive for 1 TB. Thus, you will not depend on the Internet, just select your favorite movie. It is very convenient especially during long journeys.


The presence of the Internet in the car, for many, is one of the most important functions for the head unit. You can use your phone as an internet access point for the radio. If you want to use a full access point in your car, for example, for your tablet, you need to install a Wi-Fi router. Thus, you will always be aware of all the latest events. SMARTY Trend receivers work with high productivity, that is, you will not have any problems when working on the Internet.

Operating system:

SMARTY Trend head units are equipped with the Android operating system. This system is very simple in everyday use. One of its most important advantages is that you have the opportunity to customize it to your liking. A huge number of applications that will be useful for you, you can download in the Google Play Market. Starting from games for your child, ending with special apps for your car.

The functionality described above is only a small part of those new features that will be available to you. Ideal value for money, excellent build quality of the device. The frame in the kit, its quality is not inferior to your previous one. When installing the device, there is no need to perform extra work since the device is standard. Full support for regular features of your car. Hyundai Sonata is now not inferior to modern cars of this year of release, it is necessary to note the changes in appearance. Control is via touch buttons. We are always happy to assist you in choosing a head unit for your car. The company SMARTY Trend guarantees you high quality at the best price!

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