SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Kia Cerato.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Kia Cerato.

We present to your attention an example of installing a SMARTY Trend head unit in a Kia Cerato 2012 car. Standard problems that arose during the explantation of the original radio tape recorder gave the owner of the car a lot of trouble. And the functionality itself left much to desired. This problem is in the past, the company SMARTY Trend will help in choose the head unit that fit in your car. Let’s look at the new features that have become available after installing the radio with you.


The standard problem for almost all cars is the lack of a high-quality navigation system. Even if your car has a full-time navigation system, its productivity leaves you wanting the best! The SMARTY Trend head unit is based on the Android operating system. Thus, you can install dozens of navigation systems, thereby finding the best option for you, which is ideally suited for you.

Established functions:

Receiver SMARTY Trend is a standard device. What does it mean? There are no problems when installing this unit, because it was specially designed for this model and a specific configuration. Also supports all the standard features of your car, steering buttons, regular cameras and much more.

Media Features:

SMARTY Trend is pleased to inform you that SMARTY Trend head units support virtually any audio and media file format. Also supports all types of memory cards and removable drives. Thus, your favorite music and movies will always be at hand. You should no longer use the Internet, especially considering the fact that sometimes the quality of the connection leaves much to be desired, this is an ideal option for your car, especially if you spend a lot of time driving.

The first thing to note is the change in the appearance of your car. The quality of the materials used is not inferior to the factory. The quality of the assembly itself is made at a high level, the SMARTY Trend head unit is equipped with an advanced processor, and this guarantees a high speed of the device. There are no gaps, bad connections or problems with the regular functions of the car. This radio is the perfect combination of price and quality. If you are looking for quality, excellent service, contact the professionals. Company SMARTY Trend is always happy to help!

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