The SMARTY Trend Entertainment Multimedia for Toyota Camry V30.

The SMARTY Trend Entertainment Multimedia for Toyota Camry V30.

Toyota Camry V30 is an excellent representative of its class, but after years the car is outdated, and its capabilities leave much to be desired. It is not always possible to buy a new car, besides, if there are options to improve yours. Of course there is no point in contacting official dealers, but there is no desire to install Chinese components. In this case, it is best to install high-quality components, the same for electronics, and especially car head unit. The company SMARTY Trend will gladly help you not only in choose a car stereo for your car, but also will help you in matters that are related to the installation and operation of the device.


Installation process:

SMARTY Trend head units are standard ones, that is, they were specially developed for a certain brand and model of a car with all its features taken into account. What does it mean? You will have no problems installing this device, everything that is needed for installation will be bundled with the radio tape recorder. There is no need to replace the standard wiring, or a regular place for the radio, as you can see in the photo there are no gaps, and the radio itself perfectly complements the center console of the car.


The lack of navigation for many car owners is a severe headache. Even if you have navigation in your car kit, this doesnt guarantee you its stable operation, and if we are talking about cars from the early 2000s, it’s better to immediately think about replacing the head unit. All SMARTY Trend devices are based on the Android OS, which means that you can easily install the navigation that you like! The definition system works by satellite connection so your navigation doesnt depend on the quality of the Internet coverage. 

Additional accessories:

You have the opportunity to connect a huge number of additional accessories to the SMARTY Trend head unit. In this case, an additional front and rear view camera, TPMS system, Wi fi modem is installed in this car. In the glove box displays 2 USB ports to which you can connect accessories, of course this is not enough, but you can use a special adapter to connect this equipment. SMARTY Trend srecommends that you clarify about the compatibility of the devece and accessories.

Thus, despite the fact that this car was released long ago thanks to the SMARTY Trend head unit, in terms of its functionality, it is not inferior to new cars. Changing the center panel of the Toyota Camry V30 is worth noting. Installation on the principle of a plug in the plug will not be for you any work, the lack of gaps and excellent quality of the materials used. Ask the professional, we will help you in choose the head unit  that fits exactly on your car.

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