SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Mercedes W 164.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Mercedes W 164.

The car Mercedes W 164 is fairly well-known not only in the territory of our country, but throughout the world. This is due to the fact that this car has excellent driving characteristics, phenomenal build quality and economy is an ideal solution for urban conditions, especially if you are looking for an economical car. Unfortunately, the functionality leaves much to be desired, especially when it comes to navigation. Of course, you can always update the maps, but the cost of such work is unreasonably high. The company SMARTY Trend is ready to help you, not only in solving this problem, but also significantly improve the functionality of your car!


Thanks to innovative software and an 8-core processor, the SMARTY Trend device works very fast, you will have no questions about the speed of this device. In addition, we are constantly developing new functional solutions to make the operation process even more comfortable for our customers. In this software, a simple interface, but at the same time a huge number of functions that are always at hand.

Additional accessories:

SMARTY Trend device is not only a huge number of functions, but also the ability to use various accessories to add new features that are available in new cars. TPMS, DVR, camera, 3G modem and many others. It is necessary that the device is compatible with head unit. All the necessary applications are in the Google Play Market. Thus, your car can’t yield to new, modern cars.


 One of the most important functions for modern head units. How many situations have you had, are you listening to music and you need to urgently check your email? With SMARTY Trend device, you will not have such problems, you can work in parallel in several applications without fear of failures. It should be noted that this doesn’t depend on what specific applications you are in.

Full support for all standard features, excellent build quality, quality that is not inferior to the original all this and not only SMARTY Trend head units. The interior of the car is also changing, now it looks like a new car from a car dealership. But the main advantage is the advanced version of the operating system, which has no analogues today. We will help you to choose the head unit, which is suitable for your car!

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