SMARTY Trend head unit overview for BMW F10.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for BMW F10.

Auto BMW F10 is a great, modern car that is particularly popular. Due to the excellent build quality, a huge number of regular functions and its reliability, this BMW model is one of the best today. Unfortunately, the cost of improving this car is quite large, due to the fact that it has a huge number of on-board systems, the question of improvement for many remains a problem, because the main factor is the ability to support the regular functions of this car. Company SMARTY Trend will help you improve your car today!

Installation process:

The SMARTY Trend head unit is standard, that is, it was specially designed taking into account all the technical features of this car, the connection is made on the principle of a connector into the connector, there is no need to perform additional work. It is necessary to clarify which system is used in your car. It can be NBT or CIC. As a rule, it can be easily checked, it is enough to specify the year of manufacture of your car. A feature of this unit is that the sound is played through regular AUX, the presence of this function is mandatory. The presence of this function can be easily checked. When choose a source sound in the menu of the head unit, you will see the presence of the AUX function. These parameters are very important for the selection of the device for your car.

Features of operation:

The main feature of the head unit SMARTY Trend is the full support of all the standard features of your car, because the standard system is not replaced, but complemented by a new screen and Android unit. Control of two systems is carried out with the help of a standard joystick, namely the menu button. After clamping this button, you make the transition between systems, so they work in parallel from each other. Thus, the entire regular functionality is retained, but a huge number of new functionality is added for your car, starting from the navigation system and ending with the Internet, the ability to connect additional accessories to expand the functionality of your car.

The central console of the car has changed, thanks to a new 10.25-inch screen. Excellent viewing angles, HD expansion, a large selection of navigation programs, but the main thing is the support of all the standard features of your car. The head unit SMARTY Trend adds a huge number of new functions for your car, thereby providing you with new opportunities that are in cars of the last year of release! Improve your car today, SMARTY Trend will make for you an individual selection of the device that is perfect for your car!

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