SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Honda CR-V 2009.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Honda CR-V 2009.

The Honda CR-V car is an excellent car, which is ideal for modern urban conditions, but also for long-distance trips. The economy and reliability of this car is familiar to many, the build quality has made this car very popular. Despite all its obvious advantages, there are quite a few questions that are directly related to its functionality, especially the multimedia system and navigation. Of course, you can always contact the official representatives of Honda, but the cost of such work, and the proposed options will make many think about the feasibility of such improvements. Company SMARTY Trend will help you improve your car today!

FM radio:

One of the most important functions for any car, thanks to the highly sensitive digital FM receivers NXP TEF6686, you get excellent radio signal quality regardless of your location. The ability to save up to 36 radio stations, ease of setup and operation of all these  SMARTY Trend head units.

Steering wheel buttons:

All SMARTY Trend head units provide full support for all the standard vehicle functions, the buttons on the steering wheel are no exception. If several possible options to activate the buttons on the steering wheel. If the buttons go on the can bus, they will perform their functions in the normal mode. They can also be analog, which gives you the opportunity to program certain functions for the buttons on the steering wheel.

On-board computer:

SMARTY Trend radios support on-board computer support. Additionally, we recommend using a special OBD 2 adapter, which will allow you to diagnose vehicle conditions, monitor the on-board computer's main indicators on the head unit screen, find and fix software errors, thereby saving you time and money, if the error is critical, a special application will notify you so you can take the time to eliminate it in time!

Thus, after replacing the standard device, the car acquired a more modern look. Easy to install and have a navigation system, the ability to use absolutely any type of flash media. The quality of the materials used, the radio and the sound stage in the car are one of the most important factors when choosing a head unit. Make your car more comfortable, to make the process of driving more flawless, not only for you, but for your whole family. The company SMARTY Trend is always ready to help you!

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