SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Audi Q7.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Audi Q7.

Audi Q7 is a modern car, which is ideal not only for city trips, but for long journeys. This car is a full-size crossover, which first declared itself since 2005. There are a large number of different configurations, but unfortunately, regardless of the configuration, there are still quite a few questions that are associated with the multimedia system and the navigation system. In this car, a huge number of standard features that need to be maintained after replacing the head unit. The company SMARTY Trend will gladly help you not only to save all the regular functions, but also to improve your car for an affordable price!

Established functions:

SMARTY Trend head unit cassette support all the regular functions of your car. The sound is played through the standard AUX, the presence of this function is mandatory. Thus, you will have two systems working in parallel, the transition is performed using the standard joystick. Established functions are saved in full regardless of the configuration of your car, at the same time you will have a powerful Android system.

Android apps:

Thanks to a powerful processor, you can install absolutely any applications from the Google Play Market, or you can download installation files from the Internet, and perform the installation through special regular applications. It can be not only specialized applications, but also those that you use every day, for example, Instagram, YouTube, Google Chome. Installation is performed on internal memory; we recommend using flash media to store media files.


Due to the fact that the SMARTY Trend head unit is based on the Android OS, you can significantly expand the functionality of your car. To do this, you need to use various accessories, the main nuance when choosing these devices is the combination of these devices with the Android system. It can be various GPS trackers, cameras, and various adapters for additional diagnostics of your car.

Thanks to a new 10.25-inch screen, the appearance of the central console began to look more modern. Excellent viewing angles and quality of materials used, which are not inferior to the standard. Support for all the standard features of your car, the ability to connect extra accessories, a huge number of useful applications there are SMARTY Trend head units!

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