SMARTY Trend head unit overview for BMW 3 Series (E46).

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for BMW 3 Series (E46).

BMW 3 Series (E46) is the fourth generation of cars of the 3rd series of the German automotive concern BMW, which was launched from 1997 to 2006. A wide range of engines, five body types to choose from, plus sports versions have predetermined the success of this generation. Excellent for many cult cars, which can be seen in many films, despite the fact that he has not been released for a long time, he is enjoying particular popularity and respect among motorists in the middle of the day. Excellent running characteristics, assembly quality and reliability made it one of the best cars of its time. Improvements to this vehicle, and the addition of new features is rather complicated, because the car is quite complex. The SMARTY Trend company will make an individual selection of the head unit, which is ideal for your car!


With Android OS and advanced SMARTY Trend devices, you can install any navigation system that is available today. The location is determined by satellite, which doesn’t depend on the coverage of the Internet, and the route is optimally tailored to your location. Don’t rely on regular navigation systems, thanks to a powerful device, you can at any moment try to use another navigation program that is right for you!


For today's devices, one of the key features is multimedia capabilities. The SMARTY Trend head units support any format of flash media with a capacity up to 1TB. You also have the option to use the Google Play Market to install not only different players, but also specialized software for your car. Thanks to regular players, you can play any audio and video file format using a flash drive, so be completely independent of the Internet.

Additional Accessories:

You can significantly expand the functionality of the head unit SMARTY Trend thanks to various accessories. TPMS front or rear camera, 360 roundabout system, wi-fi router, OBD 2 adapter. The main feature when choosing additional devices is compatibility with the Android head.

Excellent quality of SMARTY Trend devices, plug-in connector connectivity, advanced technical features, a wealth of advanced features all SMARTY Trend! Improve your car today to feel the benefits of SMARTY Trend product tomorrow!

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