SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Opel Vivaro.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Opel Vivaro.

Opel Vivaro - minivan, presented by General Motors under the brand Opel and Vauxhall in 2001. Renault Nissan Alliance is also available under the Renault and Nissan brands. In Europe, it is commonly sold as an Opel Vivaro, except for the UK — it is sold there as a Vauxhall Vivaro. In 2006, the Vauxhall Vivaro received the Minivan award of the year in the UK. There are many different configurations of this car, but unfortunately, there are many problems associated with the configuration of this car. Official dealers can help in solving this problem, but the price of this work will be unreasonably high. The company SMARTY Trend will help you to pick up the head device which will be ideally suited for your car!

Hands Free:

This feature is very important for many car enthusiasts, especially if you are a supporter of safe driving your car. Connect your mobile phone to the SMARTY Trend device via Bluetooth. Save your phonebook to your device, after synchronization. After fist synchronization, it will be automatically. The implementation of a telephone call, sending messages will be carried out using voice commands. Thus, you can safely send SMS and make calls while driving!

Voice control:

All SMARTY Trend head units are equipped with the Android OS. You can set up Google Assistant to manage applications with your voice, which makes the process of using the device even more comfortable. An important nuance of this type of control applies only to Android applications, but not regular functions, for correct operation, the presence of the Internet for the head unit is required. This way you can control most of the functions with your voice.

Steering wheel buttons:

There are two types of connecting buttons on the steering wheel. If the buttons work on the CAN bus when connecting the SMARTY Trend head unit, they will perform regular functions in the normal mode. The second type of connection is resistive or analogy buttons when they are connected in the head unit is available learning mode. That is, you independently assign these or other functions to this or that button. Thus, the device is installed in a regular place and performs support for the regular functions of your car!

Excellent quality radio, easy installation, support for all the standard features of your car, a powerful operating system, excellent multimedia capabilities, all this SMARTY Trend head units. Use the technology of the future today!

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