SMARTY Trend head unit overview for BMW F07.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for BMW F07.

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo (intra-index F07) - rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive five-seater sports car business class with the 5th tailgate. The first car in this class. Built on the technical basis of the models of BMW 7th and 5th series. The premiere of the BMW 5 Series GT was held in 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show. There is a lot of complete sets of this car, it is distinguished by special reliability and the presence of a huge number of regular functions, the number of which depends on the configuration of your car. Despite all the technological innovations that we can meet in this car, there are quite a lot of problems with the multimedia system, namely the navigation system, the connection of additional accessories, and the installation of software. The company SMARTY Trend will perform an individual selection of the head unit for your car!

Installation process:

Despite the technological complexity of the vehicle, the installation is carried out in a short time without using any additional devices or interventions in the standard system. Due to the connection on the principle of the connector to the connector, the excellent quality of the material, which exceeds the standard installation process, requires minimal time. The head unit SMARTY Trend is installed in a regular place, without any gaps, excellent image quality and technical advantages over the standard device will be noticeable immediately after the new device is turned on!

Integration of the device:

Consider the huge number of standard functions and systems in this car, for each car owner the question of the operation of the standard system is priority. To install the device, you must have a regular AUX, you can check its availability by going to the source of sound. In this case, the SMARTY Trend device cassette doesn’t replace, but complements your car with a powerful Android system. You will have two system, the first is the original menu that you can use the original menu and the second is the Android system, you will switch between them using the original joystick, just press the menu button for a few seconds.

Thus, after replacing the standard device, you retain the standard functions in full, regardless of the configuration of your car! A huge number of new features thanks to a powerful OS, excellent build quality and advanced technical characteristics of the head unit SMARTY Trend is an excellent choice for your car!

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