SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Volkswagen Tiguan 2013.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Volkswagen Tiguan 2013.

Volkswagen Tiguan - Volkswagen compact crossover company, produced since 2007. Built on the Volkswagen Golf Plus platform. Since 2015, second-generation cars have appeared, the design has been changed, the driving characteristics have been improved, the electronics and the exhaust system have also been improved. Rather reliable car, ideal for long journeys and noisy metropolitan areas. There are many modifications and configurations, but unfortunately the regular functionality leaves much to be desired. Company SMARTY Trend will help you in choosing a device that is ideal for your car!

On-board computer:

All SMARTY Trend head units provide full support for all the standard functions of your car. You also have the ability to connect a special OBD 2 adapter to carry out vehicle diagnostics, thereby greatly expanding the functionality of your on-board computer. This will not only save you time to visit service centre, but also save you money. Diagnostics is performed in a special application that will already be installed on the head unit.


Thanks to advanced technical features and the powerful Android operating system, you can install any application that is available on the Google Play Market. It can be not only various players, or messengers, to which we are all so used, but also specialized programs for your car. Thus, you can significantly enhance the regular functionality of your car thanks to the SMARTY Trend!


This system is used in modern cars everywhere. It monitors the state of the tires in real time, namely, temperature and pressure indicators. Installation of this additional equipment is possible at any service station. The control unit is connected via usb port, a special program will already be installed. When changing these parameters, the system will notify you with a sound and graphic message that is impossible not to notice. In a situation where you eat at high speed, this system will help you avoid trouble or traffic accidents. Excellent technical characteristics and quality of devices, ease of installation, a huge number of new functions, the possibility of additional expansion of technical capabilities, excellent performance - these are SMARTY Trend head units!

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