Lexus ES 250 installation example.

Lexus ES 250 installation example.

The Lexus ES 250 has a strong visual resemblance to the luxurious LS interior; the new ES ditched the blocky, balanced appearance of its predecessor for smooth lines and crisp details around the front and rear lights as well as alloy wheels. This is a big car - almost five meters in length - but it looks balanced and, most importantly, expensive.


For many car owners, safety is a priority. The SMARTY Trend tire temperature and pressure monitoring system monitors tire condition in real time. In case of a critical change in key indicators, an alert will appear on the main screen.


The operating system runs on a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor (Allwinner T3). The performance of this processor allows you to work in several applications at the same time. Switching between applications occurs without hanging. The response of the programs occurs instantly, which provides you with comfort when using devices from the SMARTY Trend company.               

Parking cameras:

Unfortunately, not always in the standard configuration there are cameras that will help when you parking. Parking of such a large car is not an easy task. For such tasks, parking cameras are needed not only the rear view, but also the front one. Displaying the image on the main device will help you to park your car perfectly.

Voice control:

This function is very convenient, especially while driving when you can’t be distracted. To use this feature, you must install applications from the Google Play Store. Making phone calls, sending messages are also available.

The speed of work, the quality of the radio is an excellent example of a quality European brand. The support of our clients in 24/7 format and an individual approach to each client makes the SMARTY Trend campaign a leader in the European markets!

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