The Tesla Style head unit with a large vertical screen for Toyota Camry V55 Review

The Tesla Style head unit with a large vertical screen for Toyota Camry V55 Review

Today we are going to introduce a new series of Android head unit - Tesla Style unit with a large vertical screen. It is not by chance that its name is Tesla Style head unit. The fact is that the feature of the electric car Tesla - is a large onboard computer display. The hero of our today's review is made in the style of that car and also had a huge vertical screen. Setting the multimedia unit of this type is possible only on those cars where the toolbar leads to doing that. Toyota Camry V55 is an example of such kind of car.

In this review, we will introduce you the new Tesla Style head unit, on the Toyota Camry’s V55 case. The shape and the execution of the frame and plastic of the head unit are perfectly fit the interior of the car. This head unit designs with buttons and controls that used for volume regulation and radio station searching. We need to notify that the DVD drive is missing in that head unit. We have sacrificed DVD for the big screen. Diagonal of the multimedia unit screen is 12.1 inches; it is IPS matrix with a resolution of 768 * 1024 pixels. That type of head units is available with a diagonal from 10.5 to 15 inches. The Head unit with those parameters inevitably copes with essential functions such as navigation, radio, music, Internet.

Tesla Style head unit for Toyota Camry V55

At the top of the screen, the main application icons are located. You have no possibility to change them. Here they are:

  • Navigation
  • Radio
  • Music
  • File Manager
  • Camera
  • Console (Console) – Thanks to this feature, you can configure the displaying and regulation of factory vehicle functions.
  • PhoneLink – the duplication the screen of the phone to the display of the head unit.
  • AUX - displays connected video devices.
  • Settings – pressing this application icon is open the menu with various contexts. Here, you can choose the navigation program that runs when you click on the Navigation icon. Also in the settings, you can: select the language; adjust lighting; adjust the contrast and brightness of the screen; adjust the equalizer to your preference; customize the buttons on the steering wheel (this function is not supported on the Toyota Camry V55); reset to the factory settings; view system information, etc.
  • App list application icon – is displayed all available applications of the head unit. System applications are shown on the left side of the window, uploaded and installed - in the right.
  • DVR - additional video input that we need for a dash cam. 

In the bottom of the screen, we can see the climate control area. The factory climate control unit needs to be removing out wherein the corresponding plug is placing on the backside of the head unit. Clicking on any button of climate control opened an additional window with settings. You can change the location of that window in general settings menu. It can appear at the bottom or the top of the screen.

Tesla Style head unit

We can display the applications on the entire screen, or minimize them to the half of the screen. When we reduce the size of the application, the information of tachometer and speedometer is showing in the bottom of the screen. The displaying of that information is possible thanks to wire that connects to the OBD connector. If you did not connect this cable, the performance of these meters would be static.

Tesla Style head unit

The head unit has 2 USB outputs; a standard USB connector is also saved. This type of head units supports the A2DP protocol through which you will be able to listen to music from your phone via Bluetooth but play sheets, in that case, will not be available just a music stream.

Our head unit supports voice control function; multi-tasking function, with which you will be able to use multiple applications simultaneously.

So, if you like Tesla Style head unit - then do not hesitate and buy it. That head unit will surprise you with its features and every day will please its owner.

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