News of 2017 - Android 6.0 Marshmallow on SMARTY Trend head units.

News of 2017 - Android 6.0 Marshmallow on SMARTY Trend head units.

With a great pleasure, we want to present you the SMARTY Trend head units with updated OS - Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow, why is it so good? It is worth to noting that with new Android the performance of the applications is increasing, thereby the speed of the head unit in multitasking mode is also increasing and the consumption of the memory is reducing.

It's not a secret that Android users often complain about a small amount of RAM. To resist that problem, and to liberate the system from the back-end application, every second user needs to install a variety of applications, that cleaning the system. Now in the settings of Android 6.0 we have a whole "RAM" section, where you can check the memory usage of all installed applications. You do not need any more to install the third-party software for these purposes. Also in this section, you will be able to determine the programs that are working inefficiently. For that aim, Android 6.0 provides the displaying of information about the RAM usage during the last 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours.

The Android 6.0 has prepared an excellent gift to its users such as extra gigabytes for installing applications or other custom content.

The internal memory in Android 4.4 was distributed as follows:

  • The first section - for operating system;
  • The second section - for applications (1.5 gigabytes);
  • The third section - for user's data.

The size of the second section was 1.5 gigabytes, which was not always meet the needs of users.

And Android 6.0 offers us the following:

  • The first section - for operating system (4 gigabytes);
  • The second section - for applications and user data (12 gigs).

That memory allocation is much more convenient and practical. In that case, the usage of SD-cards and other storage devices, as additional storage for applications and games become even easier.

The work with a text on the head unit with Android 6.0 becomes more comfortable: - was improved the design of text and its displaying; - selection of the text has become more practical. After you highlight a piece of text in Marshmallow, the cut/paste/search options float over the text rather than at the top of the screen as they did in previous versions. It's a lot easier to work with.

Also appears such useful feature as an instant translation of the highlighted text (the Google Translate app needs to be installed).

The features of the Wi-Fi connectivity is Fine-tuned:

  •  a fast and reliable connection to Wi-Fi networks with the technology of Hotspot 2.0;
  • it was added the support of 5 GHz frequency bands for Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Permissions for applications. On earlier versions of Android, when an application requests the access to anything, we could give it by one-touch and for everything: for contacts, for built-in memory, and so on. And now, after the updates, the application will ask permission for each item individually. After installing the application, the owner will be also able to change the permissions given to them. That helps to preserve personal information.

SMARTY Trend head unit is the best premium multimedia device on the markets of the USA, Europe, and all around the world. The head unit runs on a high-performance platform, R16, using a 4-core processor and OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow. SMARTY Trend multimedia devices characterized by high support and integration with the standard vehicle systems.

So if you are still wondering what Android head unit is to choose - do not hesitate, head unit SMARTY Trend on Android 6.0 - is the freshest, nimblest and most innovative solution from all available for today.

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