SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Audi A4

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Audi A4

Audi A4 - the car with the highest volume of production. In 2007, this model was in fourth place in terms of the number of new cars registered in Germany. It is a family of middle-class models produced under the Audi brand. Great car, which has excellent running characteristics, efficiency and an ideal device of cost to the quality of the car. Distinguished by high adaptability, safety and comfort is ideal for modern urban conditions, which ensured the popularity of this car model! But, despite all its significant advantages, there are a number of issues that relate to its functionality. Even if your car is top notch, it does not guarantee you a wide range of convenient features! The company SMARTY Trend will help you not only in choose the device, but also guarantees you the support of all the regular functions of your car!


It should be noted that you must have a regular function AUX. The presence of this function is easy to check, as a rule, you can find this function in the sources of sound. If this function is not available, it must be installed additionally, since the sound from the SMARTY Trend head unit is reproduced through the standard AUX. The standard system of the car is preserved in full! Change between two systems, you can easily do via  the standard joystick! Thus, all the regular functionality is preserved regardless of the configuration of your car, but it also adds a powerful Android OS! This opens up new opportunities that are just beginning, appearing in cars of the latest model year!


Thanks to the excellent screen of 10.25 inches, the expansion of HD, viewing multimedia files or working with the navigation system, will bring you a pleasure. All SMARTY Trend head units are equipped with 2 additional USB ports. This allows you to not only connect additional accessories, but also use various flash media with capacities up to 1 TB. You can play absolutely any audio and video file format, so you have a huge media library at your fingertips. You are completely independent of the Internet and can at any time turn on your favorite music or film, which will be a salvation during long journeys!



SMARTY Trend head units are not only excellent German quality, but also easy to install, support for the regular functions of your car! A huge number of new features, the ability to use a large number of additional accessories that can add new features to your car. Value for money, will not leave you indifferent! Company SMARTY Trend will help you use the technology of tomorrow today!

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