Example of  Installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in Toyota Highlander 2010.

Example of Installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in Toyota Highlander 2010.

Toyota Highlander built on the platform of the popular Camry sedan, this crossover does not resemble "its parent" externally in any way (except for some "family" features of the entire Toyota family). The wheelbase is significantly increased - the car became wider and longer. The third row of seats is added. Compared with the "first Highlander", the second generation of the car has much more sports look: sloping angle of slope of windshield, hardly noticeable slope of forward cabin roof, rather heavy in appearance (but obviously well streamlined) "nose" - everything says that it is more dynamic than its predecessor. Significant disadvantages include limited functionality of regular multimedia system. Company SMARTY Trend will help you to choose a new head unit, which will be perfect for your car.

Climate Control:

A Tesla-style stereo was installed on this vehicle. For many car owners, one of the main issues is to support the regular functions of the car. Climate control on this model is operated on the bottom of the screen, touch control buttons. At the same time OEM controls and original radio are dismounted, new wiring is connected to the original and then the head unit is connected.  Head unit is installed in its original place without any changes in the central console or additional work. Thanks to the preliminary check by our engineers, we guarantee our customers the support of the standard functions of your car.



OEM navigation has a huge disadvantage, which is important for many car owners. There is no way to perform map updates yourself, or to update the operating software without losing money and money. Thanks to the Android operating system, you can use any navigation program from Google Play Market.  Some applications are free; some are paid here is a matter of taste. The main advantage is that you can install or update the software by yourself without going to official representatives - it saves your time and money!

 Company SMARTY Trend will give you an individual selection of head units, taking into account all the features of your car. Connection of various accessories, possibility of using various flash media, including hard drives. An important point is the visual changes of the central console, the quality of materials used and the support of OEM functions - these are modern head units SMARTY Trend.

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