Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in BMW Z4 (E85).

Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in BMW Z4 (E85).

The first generation of the BMW Z4 consists of the BMW E85 (roadster version) and BMW E86 (coupe version) sports cars. The E85/E86 generation was produced from 2002 to 2008. The E85/E86 replaced the Z3 and is the third model in the BMW Z Series. Initial models were in the roadster (E85) body style, with the coupé (E86) body style being added in 2006. Company SMARTY Trend will help you in choosing a device that is ideal for your car!


Thanks to advanced technical features and the powerful Android operating system, you can install any application that is available on the Google Play Market. It can be not only various players, or messengers, to which we are all so used, but also specialized programs for your car. Thus, you can significantly enhance the regular functionality of your car thanks to the SMARTY Trend!

Integration process:

Considering the huge number of standard functions and systems in this car, for each car owner, the question of the operation of the standard system is a priority. To install the device, you must have a regular AUX, you can check its availability by going to the source of the sound. In this case, the SMARTY Trend device cassette doesn’t replace but complements your car with a powerful Android system. You will have two systems, the first is the original menu that you can use the original menu and the second is the Android system, you will switch between them using the original joystick, just press the menu button for a few seconds. To install this head unit, you need to cut out the plastic of the original car console. A special molding guide that will help you do this is included in the package.


With Android OS and advanced SMARTY Trend devices, you can install any navigation system that is available today. The location is determined by satellite, which doesn’t depend on the coverage of the Internet, and the route is optimally tailored to your location. Don’t rely on regular navigation systems, thanks to a powerful device, you can at any moment try to use another navigation program that is right for you!

Excellent quality radio, easy installation, support for all the standard features of your car, a powerful operating system, excellent multimedia capabilities, all these SMARTY Trend head units. Use the technology of the future today!

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