Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in BMW 7 Series E65/E66.

Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in BMW 7 Series E65/E66.

BMW E65/E66 is the factory index of the 7 Series BMW body, produced from 2001 to 2008. In addition to the technological innovations of the past, the BMW 7-Series has also acquired new systems, including Valvetronic, a system that regulates the stroke of the intake valves. Its use allowed to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, increasing dynamic performance. All power units are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission by ZF, which appeared on serial cars for the first time in the world. Transmission modes (automatic, reverse, park, neutral) were controlled with a lever under the steering wheel. SMARTY Trend company will fulfill a custom selection of the head unit for your car!


Even if your car has regular navigation, its quality leaves much to be desired, since over time there will be a need to update maps, it can only be done by official dealers, and the cost of these works is very high. Thanks to the powerful Android OS this problem is a thing of the past, install exactly the navigation system you like! The choice is huge, there are both paid and free versions, which are much better than your regular navigation system. Determination of the location and construction of the route is performed by satellite GPS communication, so thanks to the head unit SMARTY Trend problems with the navigation system are a thing of the past!


This feature is very important for many motorists, especially if you are an advocate of safe driving in your car. Connect your cell phone to the SMARTY Trend using Bluetooth. Save your phonebook on your device by synchronizing it beforehand. Afterward, the synchronization will be done automatically. Making phone calls, and sending messages will be carried out using voice commands. So you can safely send text messages and make calls while driving!

Android applications:

One of the most important advantages of SMARTY Trend head units is the powerful Android OS. Thus you can install a huge number of applications, which you can find not only on Google Play Market but also on the Internet. You can install absolutely any navigation system, application, audio, and video player, but also specialized programs for your car, which you can easily find in free access.

Excellent quality of SMARTY Trend boomboxes, connection on the principle of the connector in the connector, advanced technical characteristics, a lot of advanced features - all these are SMARTY Trend devices! Improve your car today to feel all the advantages of SMARTY Trend tomorrow!

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