Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in Ford Transit.

Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in Ford Transit.

The Ford Transit is a family of light commercial vehicles manufactured by Ford Motor Company since 1965, primarily as cargo vans, but also available in other configurations, including a large passenger van. The third-generation Transit received a body redesign unveiled in August 2006, including new headlights and taillights, a new front end and a new interior with a gearshift lever on the dashboard, and a new signature Ford radio design. In addition to the design changes, the powertrains have been revised. SMARTY Trend can help you find the head unit that's perfect for your car!


Thanks to the Android OS, you can install any navigation system that is available today. Location is determined by satellite communication, which doesn't depend on Internet coverage, the route is made optimally taking into account your location. Don't rely on regular navigation systems, thanks to the powerful unit, you can at any time try another navigation program that suits you!


For advanced devices, one of the key features is multimedia capabilities. SMARTY Trend head units support any format of flash media up to 1TB. Also, you have the opportunity to use Google Play Market to install not only a variety of players but also specialized programs for your car. Thanks to the built-in players you can play any format of audio and video file using a flash drive, thus being completely independent of the Internet.

Installation process:

Despite the technological complexity of this car, the installation is carried out within a short time without the use of any additional devices or interventions in the built-in system. Thanks to the plug-and-play connection, and excellent material quality which is superior to the OEM system the installation process requires minimum time. Head unit SMARTY Trend is installed into the original place, without any clearances, excellent image quality, and technical advantages over the original device will be felt immediately after turning on the new device!

Even though this car is new, it is necessary to note the visual changes in the central console of the car. Excellent viewing angles and quality of the car radio assembly. The materials used are as good as the original component, even better! This is the perfect value for money! To date, according to these technical characteristics these boomboxes have no equals. New features are now available on the market!

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