SMARTY Trend™ Company invites wholesalers for cooperation! Our main promotion is the integration of innovative infotainment systems in cars, which functional capabilities exceed factory car stereo units. If you are interested in this proposition and you observe the capability in the development of sales car systems, then we will be glad to discuss with you all details of further profitable cooperation!

We are interested in cooperation with companies and physical entities in the following business lines:

  • Car showrooms;
  • Car services;
  • Car electronic stores;
  • Car tuning and audio studios;
  • Companies and individuals, which are connected to Car Audio / Car Electronics in any way.

To receive a price list and information about further cooperation, please send us the following particulars:

  • Name of contact person;
  • Name of store;
  • Web site address;
  • Local address and contacts.

 Our partners will get commercial discounts and special sale offers. All necessary documentation and information, warranty and post-warranty support are also enclosed for our partners!





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