Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android Autoradio CarPlay

DISPLAYS - UIS (STUIS-XXXX): HD QLED 1280x720 pixel - FREE GIFT!: HD-DVR mit ADAS (Ref. DVR-010) - Processor - UIS (STUIS-XXXX): 2.0 GHz Octa-core UIS7862S (schnell) - RAM / SSD STORAGE - UIS (STUIS-XXXX): 2GB / 32GB SSD (am billigsten)
3 Kundenbewertungen
Greg Harson
Love the new screen; Large, crystal clear graphics and sensitive touch. The Apple CarPlay works works flawlessly and the audio quality is 10x better than with the original Toyota unit. It was easy to install and took 3 hrs with no drama. Highly recommend and great upgrade.
Chirag Amin
The car is very good, but men, as always, want to improve something, so my children and I wanted a new toy for the car that I drive them to school with. With the new radio I got the same functionality as before plus YouTube, navigation, cartoons and all online services!
Bertram Fitzkow
The head unit is perfectly installed in its original place, the rear view camera works, the sound amplifier works. The car's CAN bus is connected to the Android device. Sound, screen, performance are very good.




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