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Ultra-premium Android car radio designed by SMARTY Trend Advantage

USB Android TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Brand: SMARTY Trend

Elevate your driving safety with our USB Android TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Display. Designed for Android SMARTY Trend head units, it includes 4 sensors to help you monitor tire pressure effortlessly. Drive confidently with real-time tire data at your fingertips.

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USB TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System for SMARTY Trend android head units

Leaky tire warning/high pressure warning/low pressure warning/high temperature warning
This TPMS device works with vehicles up to a maximum weight of 3.5 tons.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is specifically designed to increase driving safety and provide a better overview of your vehicle's tire condition. Once you install the TPMS correctly, these sensors will automatically monitor tire pressure and temperature and send real-time statistics to the SMARTY Trend head unit.


1 x Receiver
4 x sensors
1 x wrench
2 x adhesive pads
4 x Anti-theft nuts
1 x manual

Sensors parameters:

Operating voltage: 2.1V-3.5V
Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
Pressure measuring range: 0-116Psi
Temperature measuring range: -30°C - 75°C
Operating temperature: -20°C -- 65°C

Receiver parameters:

Operating voltage: DC5V;
Operating current: <15mA
Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
Temperature measuring range: -30°C - 75°C
Communication line length: 200mm
Fixation with 3M adhesive pads


Real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature for each tire.
Accurate detection of tire pressure and temperature changes to trigger a warning alarm when the parameters are exceeded.
Displays pressure in bar/psi.
Displays temperature in °C/°F.
Easy to install, stable performance.
Supports sensor pairing and sensor position replacement to facilitate tire changing.
Adjust the upper and lower alarm limit to your vehicle.

Real-time monitoring

Designed to enhance your driving safety and give you a better overview of your vehicle's tire condition, this TPMS can monitor your vehicle's tires in real time. When the system detects abnormal tire condition, it immediately sends an alert to the monitor. The corresponding tire icon flashes and its color changes from green to red, and the buzzer alerts you.

Easy installtion

The receiver can be placed in the glove box of the car, is plug-and-play, and is powered through the USB port of the car radio without the need to modify the original circuit of the vehicle.
Mount the hexagon nuts.
Screw in the sensor clockwise.
Tighten the hexagon nuts counterclockwise.

Why should you install TPMS-006 in your car?

Prevent accidents
TPMS-006 can monitor tire air loss in real time, prevent punctures and warn you in advance, preventing traffic accidents and improving driving safety.
Extend the life of the tire
Improve vehicle load capacity and extend the life of the engine, chassis and tires.
Compensate for tire pressure loss
TPMS-006 can help you equalize tire pressure even when there is a small loss of pressure, making it easier for the driver to control, shortening braking distance and improving the life and comfort of the car.
Save fuel

After you install TPMS-006 in your car, it can guarantee that the tires are running at the right pressure. It helps to reduce tire resistance and wear, save fuel and drive more economically.

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