Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 LOW (2002-2009) Apple CarPlay

DISPLAYS - UIS (STUIS-XXXX): HD QLED 1280x720 pixels - RAM / SSD STORAGE - UIS (STUIS/W-XXXX): 2GB / 32GB SSD (cheapest) - FREE GIFT!: HD DVR with ADAS (ref. DVR-010)
Overall rating
3 Reviews
Daniel Bohmer
I liked the new radio, it's better than the original one. I got a lot of pleasure while using it. I could recommend this seller
amos lutaata
I like it, the screen is really chic, android makes a premium car
Myles Pope
Trouble-free radio. Got what I expected. Satisfied with everything. The problem was with the alarm button, I had to change the wiring in places. Everything began to work as it should.




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