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Usefull Android applications you can run on SMARTY Trend Android car head units.

Enhancing Your Drive: The Advantages of Apple CarPlay and Android...

bySMARTY Trend 06/25/2024
The Advantages of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in SMARTY Trend Android Head Unit

Unleashing Connectivity: A Deep Dive into the Wireless Features of...

bySMARTY Trend 06/14/2024
Wireless Features of SMARTY Trend Android Head Units

Exploring Navigation Capabilities of SMARTY Trend Android Head Unit

bySMARTY Trend 06/11/2024
SMARTY Trend Android Head Unit is the best tool for navigation today!

VW Caravelle (2003-2015) installed 360 view system and Android head...

bySMARTY Trend 05/17/2024
Example of installed Smarty Trend car stereo in the VW Caravelle (2003-2015) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto...

Audi BMW Mercedes-Benz 360 view system for SMARTY Trend head units

bySMARTY Trend 03/18/2024
Audi BMW Mercedes-Benz 360 Degree Bird View Cameras Surround View System for SMARTY Trend Head Units Radios...

Review of wireless CarPlay in SMARTY Trend head units.

bySMARTY Trend 06/10/2022
Short overview of key advantages!

MX Player app review.

bySMARTY Trend 01/29/2019
The best player for your car!

Google Maps app review.

bySMARTY Trend 12/26/2018
Excellent navigation system for your car!

MultiFuel application overview.

bySMARTY Trend 12/24/2018
Useful application for your car!

Connect the iPhone to the Android head unit using the adapter Car...

bySMARTY Trend 10/26/2018
New opportunity from SMARTY Trend

Launcher customization on SMARTY Trend head units.

bySMARTY Trend 01/10/2018
With a new custom Apex launcher, you can set the styles of design elements of the interface on the SMARTY Trend head...

The new updated firmware for Android 6.0 SMARTY Trend head units...

bySMARTY Trend 07/20/2017
Updating the firmware on Android 6.0 SMARTY Trend head units.

Android head unit + SoundCloud is the best solution for car...

bySMARTY Trend 03/20/2017
SoundCloud is an application that allows Android head unit users enter into a new level of convenience in a using of...

Connecting Bluetooth adapter ELM 327 (protocol OBD-II) to the...

bySMARTY Trend 12/08/2016
We would like to introduce you to a very convenient and useful device - it is a great scanner ELM327 that works on...

Special application for SMARTY Trend: tyre temperature and pressure...

bySMARTY Trend 12/06/2016
With our head unit, you can take control the tyre pressure and tyre temperature in your own hands.

Digitally Imported - internet radio service of exclusive electronic...

bySMARTY Trend 10/27/2016
Digitally Imported - the leading web radio service of electronic music. Here you find your favorite music styles...

iGo Primo GPS Navigation Android app

bySMARTY Trend 12/04/2015
iGo Primo - very powerful navigation software for in-car use with Android Car DVD.

XiiaLive - Android internet live radio in your car!

bySMARTY Trend 05/21/2015
The best applications to listen internet live radio in your car with help of Android Car DVD in-dash head unit!




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