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New Android head units, new features,  updates, new discounts in our SMARTY Trend™ store, as well as other news about car multimedia.

Audi BMW Mercedes-Benz 360 view system for SMARTY Trend head units

bySMARTY Trend 03/18/2024
Audi BMW Mercedes-Benz 360 Degree Bird View Cameras Surround View System for SMARTY Trend Head Units Radios...

Free gift with a SMARTY Trend head unit! DVR / Camera / TPMS

bySMARTY Trend 10/09/2023
If you are ordering a SMARTY Trend head unit, one of these bonuses can be added to your cart for free: Front Dashcam...

SMARTY Trend - 2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

bySMARTY Trend 07/31/2023
2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

Summer deals!

bySMARTY Trend 06/30/2022
$40 off on every head unit!

How to become a SMARTY Trend distributor

bySMARTY Trend 06/13/2022

Updated SMARTY Trend 2022 products line of head units!

bySMARTY Trend 02/04/2022
Advanced 2022 years technology for your car.

SMARTY Trend — leader in car head units.

bySMARTY Trend 02/02/2022
Briefly on the essentials!

PayPal - our new secure payment option

bySMARTY Trend 01/22/2020
We’re happy to announce that we have implemented an alternative payment method. You can now purchase our products...

Release OS Android 9.0 (Pie) for new devices!

bySMARTY Trend 10/22/2019
The long-awaited update to version 9 is available now!

All about compatibility

bySMARTY Trend 08/19/2019
Briefly about the nuances in the installation of SMARTY Trend head units.

IPS Matrix in your head unit from SMARTY TREND!

bySMARTY Trend 07/15/2019
What is the matrix IPS? SMARTY Trend - an overview of the merits.

SMARTY Trend special offer!

bySMARTY Trend 04/09/2019
SMARTY Trend has great news for our customer!

The News of the summer 2018 - SMARTY Trend head units on Android...

bySMARTY Trend 07/20/2018
The description of changes.

Updated SMARTY Trend head units with new Android 7.1 Nougat and new...

bySMARTY Trend 06/04/2018
The new updated features of our remarkable devices. The main differences from previous versions.

Common misconceptions about car tires.

bySMARTY Trend 05/11/2018
The rules of tire's proper use.

Stress is everywhere, how does the head unit can to deal with it.

bySMARTY Trend 05/08/2018
Dealing stress recommendations. How the head unit will become a real lifesaver for you.

The car night vision system. It's alternative.

bySMARTY Trend 04/02/2018
These devices help to see more clearly the objects at a far distance, which gives the driver extra time for maneuver.

How to increase the life of your tires. The reasons for their...

bySMARTY Trend 03/15/2018
You will learn how to diagnose the possible problems with your car by the tire wear and what devices will help to...

How to avoid a high humidity of the car interior in the winter time?

bySMARTY Trend 03/01/2018
What do you need to check? How to dry the car?

Are you ready to trust to autonomous cars?

bySMARTY Trend 02/26/2018
Expectations and problems in a field of unmanned vehicles.

Is the vehicle multimedia system dangerous?

bySMARTY Trend 02/21/2018
In this article, you will read how to save your nerves, money, and maybe your life.

Overview the vehicle multimedia platforms and their interaction...

bySMARTY Trend 02/21/2018
What is better: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or aftermarket head unit on the Android operating system? Let's get into...

The overview of accessories that expand the functions of your new...

bySMARTY Trend 02/20/2018
We are pleased to advise you some interesting and functional devices that will expand the functions of your car...

Launcher customization on SMARTY Trend head units.

bySMARTY Trend 01/10/2018
With a new custom Apex launcher, you can set the styles of design elements of the interface on the SMARTY Trend head...

The SMARTY Trend - the best brand of head units. The overview of...

bySMARTY Trend 01/17/2017
So why is that brand so popular? Why are the buyers and consultants praise and advise it? Today we will try to...

News of 2017 - Android 6.0 Marshmallow on SMARTY Trend head units.

bySMARTY Trend 01/16/2017
OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow, why is it so good?

What head unit to choose? Android?

bySMARTY Trend 10/24/2016
How to choose the best Android car head unit? What points you need to pay attention in this process?

About SMARTY Trend™ Android In-Dash Navigation Infotainment Systems

bySMARTY Trend 06/04/2016
Information about high-quality premium SMARTY Trend™ devices.

Android Auto Car Stereo In-Dash Head Units

bySMARTY Trend 01/13/2015
Android Auto is the latest in Android integration and offers a powerful way to interface your Android device with...

Google introduces its Android Auto operating system to cars

bySMARTY Trend 12/30/2013
The next area of battle for Google seems to be automobiles.




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