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New Android head units, new features,  updates, new discounts in our SMARTY Trend™ store, as well as other news about car multimedia.

Enhancing Your Drive: The Advantages of Apple CarPlay and Android...

bySMARTY Trend 06/25/2024
The Advantages of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in SMARTY Trend Android Head Unit

Unleashing Connectivity: A Deep Dive into the Wireless Features of...

bySMARTY Trend 06/14/2024
Wireless Features of SMARTY Trend Android Head Units

Exploring Navigation Capabilities of SMARTY Trend Android Head Unit

bySMARTY Trend 06/11/2024
SMARTY Trend Android Head Unit is the best tool for navigation today!

Audi BMW Mercedes-Benz 360 view system for SMARTY Trend head units

bySMARTY Trend 03/18/2024
Audi BMW Mercedes-Benz 360 Degree Bird View Cameras Surround View System for SMARTY Trend Head Units Radios...

Free gift with a SMARTY Trend head unit! DVR / Camera / TPMS

bySMARTY Trend 10/09/2023
If you are ordering a SMARTY Trend head unit, one of these bonuses can be added to your cart for free: Front Dashcam...

SMARTY Trend - 2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

bySMARTY Trend 07/31/2023
2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

Summer deals!

bySMARTY Trend 06/30/2022
$40 off on every head unit!

How to become a SMARTY Trend distributor

bySMARTY Trend 06/13/2022

Updated SMARTY Trend 2022 products line of head units!

bySMARTY Trend 02/04/2022
Advanced 2022 years technology for your car.

SMARTY Trend — leader in car head units.

bySMARTY Trend 02/02/2022
Briefly on the essentials!

PayPal - our new secure payment option

bySMARTY Trend 01/22/2020
We’re happy to announce that we have implemented an alternative payment method. You can now purchase our products...

Release OS Android 9.0 (Pie) for new devices!

bySMARTY Trend 10/22/2019
The long-awaited update to version 9 is available now!

All about compatibility

bySMARTY Trend 08/19/2019
Briefly about the nuances in the installation of SMARTY Trend head units.

IPS Matrix in your head unit from SMARTY TREND!

bySMARTY Trend 07/15/2019
What is the matrix IPS? SMARTY Trend - an overview of the merits.

SMARTY Trend special offer!

bySMARTY Trend 04/09/2019
SMARTY Trend has great news for our customer!

SMARTY TREND - triumvirate of price and quality!

bySMARTY Trend 11/19/2018
SMARTY Trend good choice for your car!

SMARTY Trend Evolution - New Ultra-Vertical Screens!

bySMARTY Trend 11/17/2018
Evolution of the SMARTY Trend!

The News of the summer 2018 - SMARTY Trend head units on Android...

bySMARTY Trend 07/20/2018
The description of changes.

Updated SMARTY Trend head units with new Android 7.1 Nougat and new...

bySMARTY Trend 06/04/2018
The new updated features of our remarkable devices. The main differences from previous versions.

Common misconceptions about car tires.

bySMARTY Trend 05/11/2018
The rules of tire's proper use.

Stress is everywhere, how does the head unit can to deal with it.

bySMARTY Trend 05/08/2018
Dealing stress recommendations. How the head unit will become a real lifesaver for you.

The car night vision system. It's alternative.

bySMARTY Trend 04/02/2018
These devices help to see more clearly the objects at a far distance, which gives the driver extra time for maneuver.

How to increase the life of your tires. The reasons for their...

bySMARTY Trend 03/15/2018
You will learn how to diagnose the possible problems with your car by the tire wear and what devices will help to...

How to avoid a high humidity of the car interior in the winter time?

bySMARTY Trend 03/01/2018
What do you need to check? How to dry the car?

Are you ready to trust to autonomous cars?

bySMARTY Trend 02/26/2018
Expectations and problems in a field of unmanned vehicles.

Is the vehicle multimedia system dangerous?

bySMARTY Trend 02/21/2018
In this article, you will read how to save your nerves, money, and maybe your life.

Overview the vehicle multimedia platforms and their interaction...

bySMARTY Trend 02/21/2018
What is better: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or aftermarket head unit on the Android operating system? Let's get into...

The overview of accessories that expand the functions of your new...

bySMARTY Trend 02/20/2018
We are pleased to advise you some interesting and functional devices that will expand the functions of your car...

Launcher customization on SMARTY Trend head units.

bySMARTY Trend 01/10/2018
With a new custom Apex launcher, you can set the styles of design elements of the interface on the SMARTY Trend head...

The new updated firmware for Android 6.0 SMARTY Trend head units...

bySMARTY Trend 07/20/2017
Updating the firmware on Android 6.0 SMARTY Trend head units.

The SMARTY Trend - the best brand of head units. The overview of...

bySMARTY Trend 01/17/2017
So why is that brand so popular? Why are the buyers and consultants praise and advise it? Today we will try to...

News of 2017 - Android 6.0 Marshmallow on SMARTY Trend head units.

bySMARTY Trend 01/16/2017
OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow, why is it so good?




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