Designed for the car
Ultra-premium Android car radio designed by SMARTY Trend Advantage

Car Audio Noise Filter

Brand: SMARTY Trend

Easy to install. Noise Canceling. Eliminates ground loop noise between audio source and radio. Can effectively solve the problem of car audio noise. Works with any portable device that has two 3.5mm audio jacks. Power supply noise of igniter produces filtration effect, make the sound effect is better. 
Voltage: 12V
Size: approx 6.3 x 3.8 x 3cm (L*W*H)
Cable length: approx 13cm

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Which are suitable for the item can be listed as follow?
1.The car audio or amp whines when the engine is running.
2.The audio or amp noise issue was caused by a ground loop.
3.The noise of vehicles power and charging system.
4.The engine noise made by aftermarket stereos of amps.

How to know whether the item were useful for your car?
If your car was already install the car amplifier or car subwoofer and it had noise when your car engine running, you need the item.
If the engine is running your car amplifier or audio have whines, but has no noise when the engine is off, you need the item.
If it has noise coming into your stereo from your vehicles power and charging system, you need the item.
If the amp or audio has no noise when not plugged into power or the engine was not running, and your alternator or ignition is sending noise through the power. You need the item.

It can eliminate ground loop noise between audio source and the amplifier (audio).
The male plugs for input wires, female plugs for output wires.

Usage Method:
Open your car panel, find out the head unit and amplifier (audio).
Connect two male plugs to the main output wires of the head unit.
Connect two female plugs to the input wires of the amplifier (audio).
Finish it, start the car alternator, the noise will be released even be eliminated.

When used with car audio, this isolation circuit goes between the head unit and the amplifier or audio.
Please check the situation of your car. If the item can't reduce or eliminate the noise for your car, maybe your car is not the situation listed above.

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Brand: SMARTY Trend
Artikel-Nr.: DAB-001
This car kit is a digital audio broadcasting, adopting professional high-performance digital broadcasting processor. Built-in encoding, it modulates and transmits the DAB and DAB+ signal to the car audio system. It has great signal receiving performance. It will transfer stereo high quality sound to your car audio system.This is a digital broadcast receiver for Android players. Download and install an APP on the Android radio to use.
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