SMARTY Trend head unit overview forNissan Qashqai 2010.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview forNissan Qashqai 2010.

Nissan Qashqai 2010 is an excellent representative of its class. The modern crossover, which has excellent performance, unpretentious to maintain, the main advantage of which is reliability. Unfortunately, regarding the availability of navigation capabilities, or a powerful media system remains a problem for many car owners, you can turn to an authorized dealer, but this will give you a lot of money. The company SMARTY Trend will help you in choose the radio tape recorder, which is ideal for your car! Let's get acquainted with the key features that are in the SMARTY Trend head units. 


This factor is one of the key factors, thanks to the 1.8 GHz Octa-core processor (Allwinner T8), the speed of the device is ensured at a high level, regardless of the number of applications in which you work in multitasking mode. Thus, you can’t be afraid of application hangs, because today the 8-core processor is advanced, SMARTY Trend head units are based on the 8.1 version of the Android system, which is undoubtedly one of the key advantages for modern devices.


Sound quality is a key factor when choose a device, all head units are equipped with a powerful HI-FI processor, which provides excellent sound quality. The built-in 12-band equalizer will help you to adjust the sound stage, if this is not enough, there is a regular equalizer that will help you to complete the setting of the sound stage in your car! 


Use your mobile phone as an Internet access point for a head unit. It is also possible to connect additional accessories to create an Internet access point for all your devices. Download files to the Smarty Trend head unit. It is no longer necessary to transfer information using a flash card. Use the Internet in your car at any time convenient for you! 

The car's interior has changed for the better, thanks to SMARTY Trend. Easy to install and excellent quality materials, full integration with all the regular features of the car, the presence of the Internet in your car. Navigation, which you can easily replace or update without any problems. The ability to connect additional devices that are very easy to integrate with the head unit. Ask the professionals, we will help you improve your car today!

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