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SMARTY Trend - 2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

Posted on07/31/2023 by

2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

The SMARTY Trend team is delighted to present the updated SMARTY Trend head units on Android 13 and the fantastic 2K 2000x1200 QLED Screen!

The display also uses a new 2.5D glass that has not only ergonomic but also aesthetic benefits. The technology is especially important on touchscreen devices, which should ensure that all surfaces where consumers are going to touch and swipe will be smooth.

Our new devices have a new high-performance UIS7862 Octa-Core 1.8Ghz processor and an increased quantity of operative (6 GB) and internal memory (128 GB).

The SMARTY Trend head units - the best car infotainment devices on Android OS in the market- are highly integrated with factory car systems.

Excellent quality, plug-and-play connection, advanced technical features, a huge number of functionalities, all these are SMARTY Trend devices! Improve your car today, to feel all the benefits of SMARTY Trend tomorrow!




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