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Free gift with a SMARTY Trend head unit! DVR / Camera / TPMS

bySMARTY Trend 10/09/2023
If you are ordering a SMARTY Trend head unit, one of these bonuses can be added to your cart for free: Front Dashcam...

SMARTY Trend - 2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

bySMARTY Trend 07/31/2023
2K 2000x1200px QLED High Resolution Screen Update

Updated SMARTY Trend 2022 products line of head units!

bySMARTY Trend 02/04/2022
Advanced 2022 years technology for your car.

The SMARTY Trend - the best brand of head units. The overview of...

bySMARTY Trend 01/17/2017
So why is that brand so popular? Why are the buyers and consultants praise and advise it? Today we will try to...

Google introduces its Android Auto operating system to cars

bySMARTY Trend 12/30/2013
The next area of battle for Google seems to be automobiles.

How to download a firmware update for Android Car DVD Head Unit?

bySMARTY Trend 06/10/2013
Want to update firmware for your SMARTY Android in-dash car navigation head-unit? Contact us and download!




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