SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Mitsubishi ASX 2011.

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Mitsubishi ASX 2011.

Mitsubishi ASX 2011 is a compact crossover of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010. Compact comfortable car, which is distinguished by excellent build quality and reliability. Since the release of this car today there are a huge number of different configurations. Ideal as a family car that can be used every day, especially if you need to drive outside the city. Unfortunately, in terms of its functionality, the car has long been outdated, but this doesn’t mean that you have no options for improvement, your favourite car! The company SMARTY Trend will perform an individual selection of the device for your car, which will significantly complement your car with new technical innovations!

Rear-view camera:

SMARTY Trend head units are equipped with the Android OS, so you can connect various accessories. Don't forget that if your car has an original rear-view camera, it will be used. Using this camera is very convenient especially during parking. When you turn on the reverse gear, the camera automatically activates, the image is shown on the main screen of the device. Thus, the process of driving and parking becomes more comfortable and safe!


The speed and productivity of devices is one of the key factors when choosing a device. This receiver SMARTY Trend has a powerful processor 1.8 GHz Octa-core (Allwinner T8). Thus, you don’t have to worry about the speed or productivity of the head unit. Multitasking mode is available, that is, you can work in several applications simultaneously without any   freezes. Use any navigation software and applications from the Google Play Market today!


Sound quality is one of the key factors. All SMARTY Trend head units are equipped with a powerful Hi-Fi processor that provides excellent sound quality. A 12-band equalizer, tuning frequencies, and a subwoofer will allow you to customize the sound stage exactly the way you like it! For these music lovers, a regular equalizer is provided that will allow you to complete the setup for different styles of music and customize everything to suit your personal preferences!

Simplicity of installation, quality of the device, support for regular functions of the car, a huge amount of new functionality, all these are SMARTY Trend head units! Improve your car today to enjoy new features now!

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