SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Opel Combo

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Opel Combo

Opel Combo is a German light-duty truck manufactured by General Motors since 1986. There are three-door cargo and five-door passenger modifications. Over the years of the release of this model, a sufficiently large number of various modifications have appeared, which undoubtedly enjoy a well-deserved reputation for sowing day. The reason is the build quality and reliability, unpretentiousness and efficiency have become synonymous with this car. But, unfortunately, regarding the functionality, there are quite a few problems due to the lack of certain functions. Undoubtedly, the company SMARTY Trend will help you to make an individual selection of the head unit, but also guarantees the excellent quality that for a German car, it goes without saying!

Established functions:

Support for regular functions is one of the most important advantages of SMARTY Trend head units, thanks to the excellent quality and integration of the device, all regular functions will continue to work as usual. Climate control, steering wheel buttons, on-board computer, regular cameras and these are only a small part of those regular functions that will work together with the new SMARTY Trend head unit. Easy to installation, which is performed in a regular place is the perfect solution for your car!

Android applications:

Thanks to the powerful Android OS, you have the ability to install dozens of useful applications, these can be either different messengers or specialized navigation software, an application for diagnosing your car. A lot of similar programs you can find them in the Google Play Market. Most of them are freely available, you can download everything you need directly to the head unit through the mobile Internet. To do this, you need to create an access point, and you can use the SMARTY Trend head unit as a full-fledged computer!

example of installation

Optional accessories:

Modern radio is not only the support of the regular functions of your car, and an excellent navigation system, but also the ability to use additional accessories to extend the functions of your car. First of all, it is necessary to note the front or rear view privateers, GPS trackers and Wi-Fi routers. After replacing the head unit, you can significantly simplify the parking process thanks to modern audio and video parking systems. It is also necessary to note the excellent compatibility of the data recorder with modern systems of circular view! Thus your car becomes safer and more comfortable!

SMARTY Trend head units are a triumvirate of price and quality. Ask to the professionals, we are always ready to help you to choose a device that will meet your personal standards.

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