SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Toyota Yaris 2008

SMARTY Trend head unit overview for Toyota Yaris 2008

The Toyota Yaris, with very little roll in cornering, it drives very well on tight mountain roads. It is able to brake quickly and smoothly, which gives a solid feeling of control. Rough roads become smoother.

The centre rear seatbelt comes down from the roof in the centre and feels strange, but it works. The back seats fold down partly or fully, which is good for carrying items when you need that extra room or if you need to lie down.

There are lots of cup holders throughout, good lighting in the hatchback part and back seats, and the rear windows are a great size to let in fresh air. The rear doors have a solid feel with the addition of armrests. There are built-in headrests in the rear seats and there's still a nice amount of head room in the back.

The engine is easy to access with everything laid out within easy reach. I like the fact the petrol cap opens only from the inside and locks when it shuts. The spare tyre and jack are nicely packed away under the hatchback storage space, and you're able to lock and unlock the compartment it's stored in.



All SMARTY Trend receivers are equipped with a powerful 1.8 GHz Octa-core processor (Allwinner T8). Thanks to which the radio is very fast. Thus, there will be no freezing of the head unit no matter how many applications are running. You can install any applications and navigation programs, because today Android 8.1 is an advanced version for modern device. 


Thanks to the Android OS, there is no need to use a special tuner to watch your favorite TV programs. To do this, simply create a Google account and download the necessary applications for watching TV online via the Internet. Applications of this kind quite a lot all depend on your preferences, about the quality and number of television channels. 

On-board Computer: 

SMARTY Trend device support all the regular functions of the car, including displaying information on the on-board computer. It is also possible to use an additional adapter to diagnose and fix software errors on your own, thereby saving you time and money. If the error is critical, you will see a special message, thus you will be able to repair the car in time without aggravating the problem. 

The first thing that becomes noticeable is the visual transformation of the passenger compartment. The quality of the radio SMARTY Trend is not inferior to the original, double quality control, excellent viewing angles - this is only a small part of the advantages of this head unit. One of the key factors is the device of reasonable price and excellent quality. New functionalities of the future are available for you today together with the company SMARTY Trend!

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