Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in Nissan Xtrail 2007.

Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in Nissan Xtrail 2007.

The Nissan X-Trail is a compact crossover, production of which was launched in 2000 by the Japanese company Nissan on the proprietary Nissan FF-S platform. In 2007, the second generation was created and launched on the Nissan C platform. In 2003, a restyling was carried out, with changes to the interior torpedo and bumpers, including the dashboard, engine control units, automatic transmission and ABS. The catalytic converter on Japanese models was replaced by a metal one, the same as on the European models. Also added two exclusive Versions-Rider and AXIS, differing externally by bumpers and grilles, interior trim, as well as wheel disks. But there is a number of questions that every car owner has. It is connected with functional capabilities, namely their absence. The official representative of Nissan company is always ready to help you to solve these problems, but the cost of these works is very high, and most importantly, the quality leaves much to be desired. The best example in this case is the case of OEM navigation. There is no need to overpay SMARTY Trend company is glad to help you in selection of car radio, where the cost corresponds to the quality!

Rear view camera:

Nowadays rear view camera is considered as standard equipment. But what about the cars where it is not provided. SMARTY Trend head unit is easy to synchronize, and is compatible with any additional camera you can install. The camera activates when you engage reverse gear, so parking will no longer be as much of a problem for you as it used to be, especially since not all drivers have extensive driving experience.

Standard features:

The SMARTY Trend head unit is a factory-fitted device. What does that mean? There are no problems with the installation of this radio, as it was specifically designed for this model and a particular configuration. It also supports all the regular functions of your car, steering wheel buttons, OEM cameras and more.


It is this indicator is responsible for the productivity of the device. The excellent speed of SMARTY Trend head unit is provided by 1.8 GHz Octa-core processor (UIS7862). Another important factor is the version of the operating system Android 11 with further possible upgrade to version 9. Thus, the head unit works bistro, without any hangs. You can work in multiple applications simultaneously, and do not think about problems with the productivity of the device.

 The functionality of the Nissan X-Trail has been updated not only with new accessories, but mainly with the SMARTY Trend head unit. Quality build, HD screen, Android operating system is only a small part of the new features that are now available in this car. You should also note the external transformation of the central console, a powerful processor allows you to work with several applications simultaneously, without any hangs. SMARTY Trend is always ready to help you, improve your car today!

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