Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in BMW 5 Series E60.

Example of installation SMARTY Trend Head unit in BMW 5 Series E60.

The BMW E60 is a modification of the BMW "fifth" series, which was produced from 2003 to 2009 (until 2010 it was available as a station wagon). In 2007 there was a restyling, there was an electronic automatic selector, new headlights, LED lights, bumpers, engine start button, c March 2008 there was an option to add advanced multimedia CIC (Car Information Computer).  The truck was available in two body styles: sedan (E60) and wagon (E61). The M5 version was equipped with S85B50 (V10) engine with a capacity of 5 liters and producing 507 hp. с.

But the cost of maintenance, repairs and especially improvements of this car is extremely expensive, needless to say, the cost of such works in official dealers. Company SMARTY Trend is glad to inform you that there is a car head unit which will not only support standard functions of your car, but also essentially supplement them. Let's look at everything in order.

Installation process:

This SMARTY Trend head unit was designed specifically for this car, that is, the head unit is a regular head unit. So you can not worry about how the installation process will go? Will this head unit fit? The head unit is installed without any problems, there are no gaps and the need to perform additional work. But since we are talking about the car BMW E60 needs AUX, to work the sound. This is due to the peculiarities of this brand of cars. The installation process itself is without problems and does not take much time.

Media capabilities:

SMARTY Trend head units support any video and audio format. Need to mention the support of flash cards up to 1 TB. So you can create your own personal media library with your favorite audio and video files. The best solution for you would be to buy a removable 1 TB HDD. This way you are not dependent on the Internet, just choose your favorite movie. This is very convenient especially during long trips.


The regular navigation is not popular. It is famous for the instability of work, frequent failures, poor responsiveness. Now thanks to the new head unit SMARTY Trend this problem is a thing of the past. Since these devices work on the Android operating system you have the possibility to choose exactly the navigation system which suits you. Determining your location and drawing a route is carried out by satellite communication. GPS antenna is included. In this way it is even more convenient to work with the navigation system.

The features described above are just a small part of the features that will be available for your car. Support of OEM functions, excellent build quality and used materials all this is SMARTY Trend head unit. First of all we want to note the visual changes in BMW E60, now this car is not inferior to the cars of the last year of production not only because of the visual changes but also because of its functionality! If you are interested in ideal ratio of price and quality, ask the professionals. We at SMARTY Trend are always glad to help you in choosing the right device for your car!

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  • Alex Smith

    Alex Smith 11/03/2022 Reply

    Very good device. Can I install it myself?

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