Example of SMARTY Trend head unit installation in Subaru Forester.

Example of SMARTY Trend head unit installation in Subaru Forester.

The Subaru Forester is a Japanese compact crossover of the Subaru brand, produced since 1997. It is based on the Subaru Impreza chassis. It is manufactured at the Gunma Yajima Factory in the municipality of Ota, Japan. There are quite a few different options for this car, but unfortunately, there are a lot of problems, which are associated with a complete set of this car. Authorized dealers can help with this problem, but the cost of this work will be unreasonably high. Company SMARTY Trend will help you choose a head unit that is perfect for your car!


In today's world, the Internet plays a huge role in modern life, well we are glad to inform you that after installing a car head unit you will always be aware of the latest news! You can use your mobile Internet as an access point for SMARTY Trend head unit. Also you have an opportunity to install a SIM card for using the Internet in the car. Thus looking for information, watching the news, or sitting on social networks will become even more comfortable than before!


Thanks to the excellent screen of 9 inches, HD extension, viewing multimedia files, or working with the navigation system, will bring you pleasure. All SMARTY Trend head units are equipped with 2 additional USB ports. This allows you not only to connect additional accessories but also to use different flash media up to 1TB. You can play absolutely any format of audio and video files, so you have a huge media library at your fingertips. You are completely independent of the Internet and you can play your favorite music or movie at any time - a lifesaver for long trips!

Additional accessories:

A modern car stereo not only supports the regular functions of your car, and a great navigation system, but also the ability to use additional accessories to expand the functions of your car. First of all we should mention front or rear view cameras, GPS trackers, and many other accessories that are compatible with the android head units. After replacing the head unit you can greatly simplify the process of parking with modern audio and video parking systems. It should also be noted the excellent compatibility of these head units with modern systems of circular vision! Thus your car becomes safer and more comfortable!

Excellent technical characteristics and quality of devices, easy installation, a lot of new functions, the possibility of additional expansion of technical capabilities, great performance - these are SMARTY Trend head units!

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