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The SMARTY Trend - the best brand of head units. The overview of advantages.

Posted on01/17/2017 by
So why is that brand so popular? Why are the buyers and consultants praise and advise it? Today we will try to understand the reasons.

If you have decided to buy a new multimedia unit for your car, you probably have already heard about such brand as SMARTY Trend. So why is that brand so popular? Why are the buyers and consultants praise and advise it? Today we will try to understand the reasons. The SMARTY Trend - a recognized leader in the production of head units and equipment to them. The company specialization is new technologies and its unique implementation in your car. 

  • The SMARTY Trend - is a European company, and its approach to work is appropriate. The company was founded in 2010 and has 7 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. The SMARTY Trend company has a good reputation and it is a great value for us. The SMARTY Trend - is a major producer, whose products are used all around the world. There are two research centers, a team of highly skilled engineers and quality supervisors in the company's arsenal. Thanks to that, we produce high-quality products. 
  • The SMARTY Trend head units differ from its competitors by an excellent quality of plastic - all parts of the device are perfectly dyed. Another advantage of our brand is compatibility of the head unit with a standard design of the car. 

  • High-quality components. Our head units are not only good looking they are also reliable, they consist high quality, expensive components. That is why we could easily give you a guaranty for our devices.  
  • The style of SMARTY Trend head units is similar to the style of factory devices. Shape, design, highlighting of the main buttons and connection sockets (pin to pin) - are the same. You will be pleasantly surprised by a wide variety of a head unit's interfaces. There are devices with comfy mechanical buttons and volume control. A full touch head units will satisfy those clients whose priority is a size of the screen. 

  • The high integration level of the head units with the car factory functions. It is important that after the installation of the head unit SMARTY Trend factory functions retains their functionality. The functions of buttons on the steering wheel, the work of an onboard computer, the ability to control the comfort features, the parking system, and other functions – are also working after the installation of the head unit.

  • Image quality. First of all, the high-quality head unit must have a high-quality screen. All SMARTY Trend devices have high-resolution HD screen (1024*600; 1280 * 480, etc.). Viewing angles and brightness of such screen will delight even the most demanding users. 
  • Navigation Support. The SMARTY Trend head units equipped with a built-in GPS / Glonass navigation module. That is why the reliability of the signal receiving and positioning accuracy is increasing. The head units work fine with such navigation software as iGo Primo, Google maps, Navitel, Yandex maps, City Guide, TomTom, CoPilot, Sygic, Waze, etc.

  The SMARTY Trend head units also support:

-the displaying of 3D maps with three-dimensional graphics;

-the work of the intellectual system of voice prompts and POI (points of interest) objects;

-the service of the traffic jams determination;

-the ability to listen to music while running GPS navigation. 

  • The implementation of the Internet in the vehicle. You have several ways to connect the SMARTY Trend head unit to the Internet thanks to built-in Wi-Fi module. The easiest and cheapest way to do that is to turn the smartphone into a hotspot. Fortunately, all modern phones have this feature today (HotSpot function). In this case, your phone will work as a modem and a router. The cost of megabytes is determined by the rates of your mobile operator. Another way to connect is to use single devices: Wi-Fi router, 3G modem or 3G USB router. The advantage of such devices is that the Internet remains in the car and do not leave it each time the owner of the phone does. You can also choose rates only for the Internet connection, which reduces the cost of megabytes. 
  • Bluetooth. You can make phone calls using the car's audio system thanks to an integrated Bluetooth module. The hands-free function allows you to talk on the phone while driving safely. Copying a phone book on the head unit allows you to see the contact's name during the incoming or outgoing calls. Supports the A2DP protocol makes it possible to listen to music directly from your phone or tablet. All you need to do is just to connect your device via Bluetooth. 
  • All SMARTY Trend devices are equipped with high-sensitivity digital FM-receiver, so you get a stable radio signal even far away from the city! These receivers are using only in premium car audio systems. 
  • With the installation of the SMARTY Trend head unit, your car can become the owner of such necessary functions as broadcasting the video of parking. The SMARTY Trend head units support the connection of the back and front view cameras, both factory and third-party manufacturers. 
  • The Android operating system. That operating system provides the maximum comfort of use and of personalization the device. Through Play Market, you can download a variety of useful applications that extend the capabilities of your multimedia device. 
  • A four-core processor that works at 1.6 GHz frequency makes the SMARTY Trend head unit incredibly fast and provides a stable performance of applications with no freezes. The hardware platform of SMARTY Trend head unit provides enough resources for timely response to all requests and commands.

So if you are still wondering what Android head unit to choose - do not hesitate, head unit SMARTY Trend on Android 6.0 - is the freshest, nimblest and most innovative solution available today.




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