Special application for SMARTY Trend: tyre temperature and pressure control

Special application for SMARTY Trend: tyre temperature and pressure control

TPMS – tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system. The purpose of this system is a driver timely warning that one or more wheels are under sufficient pressure. This problem effects on the traffic safety. With our head unit, you can take control the tyre pressure and tyre temperature in your own hands. Due to the pressure tire sensors (which you can easily purchase on our website) information about tires pressure and a temperature is available on the head unit screen, in real time. You can select the type of sensor: external or internal.

tyre sensors

tyre sensors

External sensors are easy to install, they are wound on the nipple. Internal sensors are fastened securely inside the tire and not exposed to external influences and protected against theft.

Further, we will acquaint you with the interface of the application, which you will use with sensors. 


Pressure unit – here you can choose the pressure unit among the proposed.

Temperature unit – here you can choose the temperature unit among the proposed.

Emitter Matching - Binding pressure sensors to the receiver. 

application interface

Tyre Transposition – the tyre sensors position reassignment.

Tyre Transposition

Also, you can customize the visual and audible alerts of detecting any change/abnormality in the pressure or temperature of the tyres.

alerts of detecting any change/abnormality

Even if you have left the application the notification of critical changes in pressure or temperature will appear on the screen of the head unit.

the notifications

This application will be useful for drivers who value their safety. We have tested the work of application and sensors and can recommend them to use.

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