1. How to understand which head unit fits my vehicle?
    If you are not sure which head unit you need, or if you have any doubts about the compatibility of our head units with your vehicle configuration, please leave us a message through the form on the page contact us. Send us the year of release and model of your vehicle, the photo of your dashboard and photo the backside of your original head unit. We will reply to your with a link to the product that will fit your vehicle.

  2. How long will it take to receive the ordered products?
    SMARTY-Trend.com offers worldwide shipping using international couriers like DHL, EMS, Fedex, UPS, USPS and other. Although most orders take 7-10 business days to arrive. Please allow up to 3 business days for your product to ship once the order is placed. After we ship your order, we will provide you the tracking number. Customs will sometimes delay the shipment and tracking number availability. Due to inventory issues, there can be a delay of two weeks if the particular item is out of stock. If this occurs, we will contact you immediately to alert you about the delay.

  3. What is the average weight of the package?
    The actual weight may vary 4-8 kg and the volume weight – 5-15 kg. 

  4. How much does the shipping cost?
    For checking the shipping cost, you need to register on the site, add your unit to cart and then in pop-up window select “Proceed to checkout” choose the delivery address or fill the fields country, state, postal code, phone number and then click "Save". Alternatively, you could consult us directly.

  5. What cables and accessories come with the head unit?
    The head units come with many cables and accessories for most models.
    Package includes:
    - SMARTY Trend Car Stereo Head Unit for your car;
    - Main power cable for your car model;
    - CAN-bus module (if applicable);
    - USB 3G-modem and USB Flash Drive connection cables;
    - Audio / Video connection cables;
    - FM antenna connection adapter (if applicable);
    - Adapters for original USB and AUX ports (if applicable); 
    - GPS / Glonass antenna;
    - External microphone;
    - Wi-Fi antenna;
    - User manual.

  6. Why don't I see the payment details when I make the order?
    To see the payment details you need to accept our terms and conditions at the order page.

  7. Is this a full Android system in the sense that I can link my account to it, install apps from play store etc.?
    Yes of course. Thousands of useful applications and games can be installed through the Google Play Store in the SMARTY Trend device indeed. In addition, installation of Android applications is possible through the file manager with USB Flash storage or SD card.

  8. Are there head unit installation instructions provided?
    We do not provide the installation instructions. Our head unit is easy to connect because it is the plug-and-play connection there. If you are not comfortable with head unit installation, we recommend you to use the services of your local auto repair shop to perform the installation.

  9. Does the head unit come with Satellite Radio built-in?
    No, it is not. Satellite Radio module is in the developing stage.

  10. Will the head unit work with my factory backup camera?
    Yes, you can splice the factory backup camera into the video input of the head unit, but sometimes it requires splicing into the factory wiring harness. If you are not comfortable with splicing wires, we recommend you to use the services of your local auto repair shop to perform the installation.

  11. What is the start-up time for the system? 
    The system starts during 20 seconds or it can starts during 1 second from the sleep mode.

  12. Where can I get the maps for my head unit?
    The maps are installing in the memory of the device. If you will buy the SMARTY Trend head unit, we would give you the link to install the maps. If you have reset your device and you have lost your maps then you need to contact us and we will give you the link again.

  13. Can the head unit mirror my mobile device?
    Yes, it is possible thanks to building in application Easy Connected.

  14. Can I install a SIM card in the unit? 
    No, you need to buy an additional 3G modem for that purpose. You could read about the implementation of the Internet in the vehicle in that article

  15. Can I use Wi-Fi connection from my mobile device?
    You could turn your smartphone into a hotspot to have the internet connection on your head unit. For that aim, you could also use the Wi-Fi router.

  16. Could the head unit be upgraded to a newer version of Android in the future?
    Yes, the software could be upgraded in the future.

  17. What makes the SMARTY Trend head unit different from similar products?
    You could read that article to know all the advantages of our devices.

  18. When I insert a CD or DVD, the disc will not go all the way in.
    You must remove the packing screws from the top of the radio. These are used to keep the CD floating mechanism fixed during shipping. There is a sticker on top of the radio with arrows. It instructs the installer to remove the screws before installation.

  19. I am not getting a good GPS signal.
    To have a good GPS signal we recommend customers install the GPS receiver under the dashboard. The receiver shouldn’t be covered by some metal parts and it should be looking into the windshield.

  20. The volume in the left and right speakers is not the same.
    Enter the Equalizer and check the balance.

  21. I have installed the camera, but when I back up, the camera image is not displayed on the screen.
    If it is nothing happen when you put the reverse gear then you need to check is the reverse signal from car goes to reverse signal of the head unit.
    If you see the dark screen when put the reverse gear then you need to check the connection of the camera video input.

  22. What to do if my navigation is not working and Wi-Fi connection is bad?
    You need to check the connection because connectors are the same and it is possible to jumble them.

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