Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class W219 2003-2010 Android car radio Apple CarPlay

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class W219 (2003-2010) Android head unit CarPlay

I replaced my little functional original head with a modern and by far the best device on the market. Delivery took 10 days. Installation about 2 hours. Now my car has navigation, internet, voice control, a huge screen and many many interesting features.

By: Dadren Goodrich 12/27/2022
Toyota LC Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android car radio CarPlay - 12.3 inch

Toyota LC Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android head unit CarPlay - 12.3 inch

This is something incredible, the original device can not be compared at all. This is a very fast head unit with Internet access, which gives unlimited possibilities. Great sound, great screen, great features.

By: Aydin Karimov 12/29/2022
Audi TT 8J (2006-2014) Android car radio Apple CarPlay

Audi TT 8J (2006-2014) Android head unit CarPlay

Audi TT is the car that you dream about after playing games on the computer. The original multimedia is very weak in its characteristics. I bought this machine and am very happy with it. Now I have a modern super car with innovative technologies)).

By: Lakshmi Narayan C 12/30/2022
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android car radio CarPlay

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android head unit CarPlay

The car is very good, but men, as always, want to improve something, so my children and I wanted a new toy for the car that I drive them to school with. With the new radio I got the same functionality as before plus YouTube, navigation, cartoons and all online services!

By: Chirag Amin 12/31/2022
Toyota LC Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android car radio CarPlay - 12.3 inch

Toyota LC Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android head unit CarPlay - 12.3 inch

I installed a radio in my car. Looks great, great screen, great sound. The original amp works. After installation, I was able to connect a rear view camera, it was very lacking given the large size of the car. Now I have access to the Internet, a rear vie

By: Blair Carson 01/13/2023
Toyota LC Prado 150 High (2009-2013) Android car radio Apple CarPlay

Toyota LC Prado 150 High (2009-2013) Android head unit CarPlay

By installing the head unit, I improved my car. I received many additional features that made spending time in a car while driving more comfortable. I have navigation, the Internet and everything connected with it. The connection was very simple. Thanks

By: Torbjorn Sagen 01/15/2023
Volkswagen Touran (2006-2015) Android car radio Apple CarPlay

Volkswagen Touran (2006-2015) Android head unit CarPlay

A great solution for me and for those who like to have everything in one place. All the necessary functions are now in my radio.

By: Kiran George 01/17/2023
Toyota FJ Cruiser XJ10 (2006-2022) Android car radio Apple CarPlay

Toyota FJ Cruiser XJ10 (2006-2022) Android head unit CarPlay

Love the product that's why I've ordered a second unit. While they sent me the wrong model and took awhile to rectify the service was excellent. Fully installed and working now

By: Craig E. 02/29/2024
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android car radio CarPlay

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 (2017-2023) Android head unit CarPlay

Love the new screen; Large, crystal clear graphics and sensitive touch. The Apple CarPlay works works flawlessly and the audio quality is 10x better than with the original Toyota unit. It was easy to install and took 3 hrs with no drama. Highly recommend and great upgrade.

By: Greg Harson 02/29/2024
Toyota LC 200 (2007-2015) Android car radio - for car with Navigation

Toyota LC 200 (2007-2015) Android head unit - for car with Navigation

An excellent alternative to replacing the factory radio! The factory 360-degree view works, the sound is a little better and Android functionality has been added. Installation of the head unit is quite simple, plug to plug. Satisfied.

By: Helgi D. 07/03/2024

Fiat Punto / Evo (2009-2018)

Fiat Punto / Evo (2009-2018) Android car radios | SMARTY Trend

Car head units for Fiat Punto / Evo (2009-2018) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

SMARTY Trend has developed various ultra-premium car radios, choose the series that is most suitable for you!

  • 2K - head units with a large high-resolution 9" or 10.1" screen;
  • Wide - 12.3"or 10.25" widescreen head units with a modern design;
  • OEM - car radios featuring original car manufacturer design;
  • Tesla - head units with a large vertical screen (Tesla style).
Cannot find suitable car radio? We will get back to you shortly with the best-suited upgrade for your car!
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Brand: SMARTY Trend
Series: OEM Ultra-Premium
Reference: STUISO-H5594B
OEM style Android car radio for Fiat Punto (2012-2018) with 6.2 inches IPS screen. Upgrade your car with ultra-premium car stereo system featuring original car manufacturer design. SMARTY Trend has developed high quality car head unit for the Fiat Punto (2012-2018) that will add new features while maintaining the factory style. Supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Operation system: Android 13
Display: 6.2 inches IPS
Resolution: (800х480 px)
Processor: 2.0 / 1.6 Ghz Octa-core (UIS7862 / 8581A)
RAM + SSD: 2+32 / 4+64 / 8+128 Gb
Car link: Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
Free gift: DVR with ADAS / TPMS / HD Rear Camera
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SMARTY Trend - Automotive Hi-tech

Android car radio for Fiat Punto / Evo (2009-2018) from SMARTY Trend is a premium upgrade kit for which significantly extends functions of your car compared to the baseline, with new car head unit you will get these new features:

  • Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto;
  • Ultra-bright and colorfull QLED /IPS srreen larger than factory screen;
  • GPS navigation (Google, Waze, TomTom, iGo, etc.);
  • WiFi and 4G/5G internet;
  • Siri and Google voice assistant;
  • Bluetooth handsfree;
  • Optical/Coaxial output for Hi-End aftermarket amplifier;
  • Split-screen: two apps on screen;
  • Picture in picture fro video player;
  • Rear monitors for passengers;
  • Digital Sound Processor (DPS). Full range equalizer for fine sound tuning;
  • DVR front camera (USB dashcam);
  • TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system);
  • OBD2 diagnostic;
  • DAB+ crystal-clear digital radio;
  • AHD reverese and front parking cameras;
  • 360 degree panormic view;
  • Android Apps in your car from Google Play Store (YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Social media, Music players etc.).
Car factory functions support

Fiat Punto / Evo (2009-2018) Android Car Stereo has original mount factory design and produced with using of high quality materials. SMARY Trend head units compatible with all factory car functions:

  • Steering wheel buttons;
  • Factory sound amplifier;
  • Trip-computer (fuel consumption, distance range, etc.);
  • Air conditioner;
  • Parking assistance system;
  • Factory rear camera;
  • Factory 360 degree camera;
  • Factory suspension controls;
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring system (TPMS);
  • Light control;
  • Hybrid / Battery system monitoring control;
  • and many other factory functions.




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