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Connecting Bluetooth adapter ELM 327 (protocol OBD-II) to the SMARTY Trend head unit

Posted on12/08/2016 by
We would like to introduce you to a very convenient and useful device - it is a great scanner ELM327 that works on the OBD-II protocol.

We would like to introduce you to a very convenient and useful device - it is a great scanner ELM327 that works on the OBD-II protocol. What is it? Why will it be interesting to SMARTY Trend head unit owners? Let us start from the OBD-II protocol (On-board diagnostics) – it is the real-time on-board diagnostic. This protocol is available in all modern cars. How do we identify it? It looks like sixteen-pin diagnostic connector with trapezoid shape. The location of this connector is unique to each vehicle. It could locate even under the hood. In such cases, you need to have additional adapters to connect ELM327. What is ELM327 scanner? How can it be useful to us? The ELM327 scanner is able to read information about the functioning of the engine, the vehicle systems and about errors that may occasionally arise during the exploitation of the car. With help of that device, on the display of the head unit you will see the values of the various sensors, including:

  • engine speed
  • engine load
  • coolant temperature
  • the condition of a Fuel System
  • vehicle speed
  • short-term fuel consumption
  • long-term fuel consumption
  • absolute air pressure
  • ignition timing
  • the temperature of the intake air
  • the mass air flow Throttle Position
  • lambda probe
  • fuel pressure

Believe me; this small adapter is able to save a lot of your time, nerves, and money. Now, we will show you how to connect this device to the SMARTY Trend head unit. We connect our scanner to the Opel Astra H. In our case, the OBD-II interface is in the area of the handbrake. Firstly we need to connect the adapter, while we doing that the engine needs to be off.

Bluetooth adapter ELM 327   Bluetooth adapter ELM 327

After that, we could start the car and turn on the head unit. Go to the Bluetooth application, search the name of our adapter there, select it and click on the button "pairing". If the pairing is successful, the icon ODB appears in the status bar on the top of the screen. After that, we need to go to the OEM application and install the program Torque. After Torque is starting we will see the warning that we have no connection with an adapter. Therefore, we go to the settings. Select the item "OBD II adapter settings" and then "Select Bluetooth device". After these manipulations we will see the address of our scanner, we need to select it.

After that steps, at the application main menu begins to display the engine speed at idle. We also will see flashing adapter lights - it means that data is exchanging.

engine speed  adapter's flash lights

The app has an informative and intuitive interface.

Torque app interface  Torque app interface

 So our car adapter is able to read the code of the errors and display them. You need to have an Internet connection to decipher the code of the error. Such kind of adapters are universal, but some vehicles have problems or failure with the connection of the ELM 327. In such cases, the diagnostic may be carried out only at the official dealer with professional and certified equipment that fit the model of the car.