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Ford Everest (2015-2023) installed Android head unit

Posted on05/12/2022 by

Example of installed Smarty Trend car stereo in the Ford Everest (2015-2023) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features.

The Ford Everest (2015-2023) is a midsize sport utility vehicle with a body-on-frame (SUV) that has been produced by Ford Motor Company since 2003. In November 2006, Everest underwent a major upgrade to its exterior and interior, which resulted in the replacement of all front and side body panels to make it look more modern. But unfortunately, as for the improvement of this car, the situation here is a little worse. The fact is that turning to the official representatives of Ford is quite an expensive service. In this case SMARTY Trend company is always ready to help you. We will perform the selection of the car radio for your car, taking into account all your wishes.


Now you can enjoy the Internet on the head unit SMARTY Trend in your car. There are several options you can use your cell phone to create a hotspot, thus using your mobile Internet. But if you need a full-fledged Internet access point for any of your devices, we recommend installing a SIM card in a special slot that is provided by the manufacturer. This way you will have a standalone internet access point in your car.

Ford Everest android

Additional accessories: 

Despite all the new functionality, which is available in this boombox you can connect a large number of accessories. In this case, the owner of this car additionally installed video recorder, TPMS system, rearview camera and WI-FI modem. That way you can significantly multiply a number of functional possibilities in the car. Connection of additional devices, as a rule, is done via USB.


For many people, the question of sound quality is one of the most important. The use of a powerful HI-FI processor, provides an excellent sound scene. There is also a built-in 12-band equalizer for maximum adjustment of any type of frequencies. After installing SMARTY Trend boomboxes you get much better sound quality than in case of factory boomboxes.

Functionality of Ford Everest was upgraded not only with the new accessories, but mainly with the help of SMARTY Trend boomboxes. Quality build, HD screen, Android operating system is just a small part of the new features, which are now available in this car.  

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