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Google Maps app review.

Posted on12/26/2018 by
Excellent navigation system for your car!

Today, there are a huge number of different navigation systems. Today we want to introduce a navigation system from Google, so let's take a look at the capabilities of the Google maps app.

All that is needed is real people who visit these places or use one or another gas station. It has become perhaps the only one system.

Making a route is quite simple. As a rule, depending on the junction.

Also available is a vehicle selection option. Private car, public transport, bicycle or on foot. If there are special bicycle lanes, the system will notify you about this. You need to know about traffic jams. Schedule and the nearest stop, so you can always navigate.

After drawing up the route, the application works on the principle of the navigator. Traffic light indicating the distance.

This application works without the Internet. All the places you visit and favorite routes. All you need is a schedule, site, description and most importantly reviews of visitors. This application becomes indispensable for use in unfamiliar terrain, not only for drawing up the optimal route, but also for clarifying the necessary useful information, which is often absent in such apps.




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