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IPS Matrix in your head unit from SMARTY TREND!

Posted on07/15/2019 by
What is the matrix IPS? SMARTY Trend - an overview of the merits.

IPS technology has already firmly entered modern life. Of course, there are still different competitors. Nevertheless, this technology has great prospects. No wonder many manufacturers of displays, monitors and televisions prefer this type of matrix.

Despite the fact that the IPS matrix is ​​widely used only in our time, the technology itself is already quite old. Back in 1995, Hitachi developed the first In-Plane Switching (IPS) matrix. The main purpose of the development was to get rid of the shortcomings that the TN + Film matrix has.

The difference between IPS technology and other LCD screens:


1) The new matrix has large viewing angles:

                     TN                                  IPS


2) Significantly higher color quality:

                     TN                                  IPS

The technology got its name due to the fact that the molecules of liquid crystals in the cells of the matrix are always located in one plane and always parallel to the plane of the panel. This decision allowed us to significantly increase the viewing angles and color reproduction, which brought LCD displays to a new level.

SMARTY Trend uses modern IPS-matrix of very high quality. It is worth noting that this type of display is a direct competitor to plasma panels, which are famous for excellent color reproduction, clarity and image resolution. At the same time, IPS-displays have a lower cost, which makes them accessible to more users.
Another advantage of the IPS matrix is ​​its durability. Compared with the "plasma" LCD IPS is designed for a longer service life. And the difference is quite significant.

Very often the concept of "burnout" of pixels. This is an effect that appears when one image is displayed for a long time. For example, the desktop screen saver on the computer. It should be noted that both plasma panels and LCD displays have this disadvantage. However, if we talk about modern IPS-matrices, then this drawback is completely excluded. Moreover, such displays are increasingly used for the manufacture of PC monitors.

Now imagine that this whole mass of undeniable advantages, including an affordable price and excellent image quality, is now in your radio tape recorder! Moreover, modern technologies make it possible to produce LCD displays of almost any size.
Similar technological processes are also used by Lilliput




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