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Release OS Android 9.0 (Pie) for new devices!

Posted on10/22/2019 by
The long-awaited update to version 9 is available now!

Great news! Today we have completed work on a new version of the firmware, namely the Android 9 Pie OS! After a long period of tests, we can safely say that all work related to the new firmware has been completed successfully. All owners of the new SMARTY Trend head units with the Allwinner T8 processor have the opportunity to receive this wonderful update! So, what's new in the Pie version for the head units?) Now let's try to figure it out together.

Let's start with the appearance, where some elements have undergone changes, and some have remained the same.

  • Familiar main screen:

  • Everyone loved the convenience and simplicity of the radio:

  • A new equalizer:

  • Redesigned phone menu and Bluetooth:

  • The settings menu of the android itself and the curtain (now the icons are colored and displayed in round cells):

  • When selecting text, you can view the selected letters in a pop-up window at the top:

  • The split-screen mode has also been saved:

Much more difference will be noticeable in the speed of the device. Let's start with a cold boot OS, it only takes a record 15 seconds! Application download speed increased by 15-20%. You will feel it from the first minutes of using the device.

  • Install your favorite applications:

Watch videos, listen to music, play games, chat in messengers, use navigation. All this and much more will now become even more convenient and pleasant to use along with the new firmware version. And we, the SMARTY Trend company, guarantee you the best impressions of the quality of our products!




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