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Summer deals!

Posted on06/30/2022 by

$40 off on every head unit!

SMARTY Trend has great news! For the summer period, absolutely all of our customers will receive a $40 discount and also one gift of their choice!

You can choose between FREE CAMERA, DVR or TPMS!


 AHD Universal Rear Camera with  720 TV line Resolution



Pressure sensors (TPMS) measure tire pressure and temperature in real time. By installing a special application, you will see the tire pressure and temperature values ​​on the car radio screen or on your smartphone / tablet. You can set up visual or audible warnings for low tire pressure.




The advantage of this DVR is an additional driver assistance system integrated into it - ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems), which increase the safety of the car and facilitate driving. When the device detects the vehicle in front to close, it will alarm to remind driver to pay attention to road conditions or abnormal vehicle.




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